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  1. interesting topics in research papers
  2. Unique trending sports themes
  3. The best topics on sports nutrition
  4. Sports psychology research topics
  5. Controversies and controversial issues in sports

Sports research paper topics cover a range of areas. Sports can be described as activities that involve physical skills and their application. A team or individual can compete against another team or individual. Given the importance of physical education to a person's overall health and development, the subject of physical education is very popular in colleges and universities, especially among students who strive to balance physical education and studies.


However, some students find it difficult to choose sports topics for their academic articles and theses. If you are one of those who struggle to find sports topics to write about, here is a list that can serve as inspiration.

interesting topics in research papers

When you write a thesis or dissertation on a sports topic, you want to impress your lecturer or professor. So you need interesting sports research paper ideas. Here is a list of some good sports research topics that can be used for an interesting essay or a properly researched dissertation.

  1. Even great coaches have coaches
  2. What are the most effective and popular contact sports?
  3. Is each location suitable for children?
  4. Which sport is best for teenagers?
  5. What is the best age to involve children in physical activities?
  6. Which sport is the healthiest and safest?
  7. What is the line between overtraining and proper training?
  8. What is the most influential sporting event?
  9. Why is sport a form of entertainment for some people?
  10. Why do some people prefer watching sports to participating in them?
  11. Has the greater focus on physical activity made it a show?
  12. Can physical performance help students improve their academic performance?
  13. Is American football one of the most traumatic sports?
  14. How should coaches reward athletes after winning championships?
  15. Who do you think is your favorite athlete? Why?
  16. Why exercise is an effective way to relieve stress
  17. What are the main mistakes amateur athletes make during training?
  18. Do athletes need a sports manager?
  19. How is intelligence related to sports ability?
  20. Is weightlifting a good sport for women?

This category contains some of the best sports discussion topics. Consider using them if you're looking for controversial sports topics that may provoke mixed reactions.

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Unique trending sports themes

Maybe you're looking for an unexpected sports topic for your research paper. This category also contains sports persuasive essay topics that your teachers will be interested in reading. Here are some of the best and unique sports essay topics worth considering.

  1. Discuss the most effective strategies for preventing sports injuries
  2. What exercise provides the most effective mental exercise?
  3. How do individual sports differ from team sports?
  4. What are the most effective strategies to prevent athlete corruption?
  5. What is the importance and role of physical education in child development?
  6. What is the importance and role of a sports psychologist?
  7. What is the difference between amateur and professional sports?
  8. Discuss how sport affects people's emotional well-being
  9. How are sports and militaristic societies related?
  10. What is the significance and role of the Paralympic Games in today's world?
  11. Does nationalism have anything to do with sports?
  12. How do sports injuries and professional trauma affect athletes?
  13. What are the achievements and roles of athletes who have transferred citizenship?
  14. How does modern media affect sports?
  15. How does the use of steroids and drugs affect training?
  16. How does exercise affect people with heart disease?
  17. Is football aggression?
  18. How do modern students manage their learning and movement?
  19. Talk about life after retirement as a professional athlete
  20. How does culture affect spectator sports?

This category contains some of the best topics in the sociology of sport. However, you should choose an interesting subject that will enable you to achieve your learning goals. You should also do extensive research to write a good essay on any of these topics.

The best topics on sports nutrition

Maybe you want to write a thesis on sports nutrition. This category contains some of the best topics in sports management because it contains ideas on how to ensure athletes are eating well. You can also find good sports topics in this category. Here are some of the best topics related to sports nutrition.

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  1. Discuss the role of nutrition in improving athletic performance in all sports
  2. How does low or high carbohydrate intake affect sports performance?
  3. How many carbohydrates should an athlete eat per day?
  4. Does a low-carbohydrate diet improve athletes' performance?
  5. Why do athletes take casein?
  6. Can a ketogenic diet improve high-level exercise performance?
  7. How does low carbohydrate intake lead to oxygen starvation in athletes?
  8. Can avoiding grains and gluten benefit athletes?
  9. Do low-carbohydrate diets reduce athletic performance?
  10. What role do micro and macro nutrients play in training?
  11. Should athletes use supplements to improve their physique?
  12. What are the benefits of energy drinks during exercise?
  13. Are energy drinks shortening the lifespan of athletes?
  14. How do complex and simple carbohydrates affect athletes?
  15. How can a balanced diet improve a weightlifter's performance?
  16. Describe the best sports nutrition for fitness and training centers
  17. Aerobic exercise on an empty stomach can help with fat loss
  18. Describe the role of essential amino acids in building an athlete's body
  19. How does high carbohydrate intake relate to problems with overtraining?
  20. Describe the optimal diet and nutrition for athletes before and during the Olympic Games

Sports psychology research topics

Maybe your college has something to do with sports psychology. In this case, you may need some of the best sports psychology topics for your academic papers and dissertations. Here are some of the best sports psychology topics to research and write about.

  1. How contemporary gender research issues affect sport psychology
  2. The uniqueness of mental preparation for acrobatic gymnastics women's pair
  3. Emotions and needs in women's sports——A psychological perspective
  4. Methods and characteristics of posttraumatic psychological recovery of female athletes
  5. Motivation and control of will in young rhythmic gymnastics athletes
  6. Psychological characteristics of concentration of attention in shooting sports participants
  7. Parenting style in families of professional athletes
  8. The problem of psychostimulants in sport
  9. Comparative analysis of aggressive performance in sport
  10. Discuss the concept of using neuro-linguistic programming in sports
  11. Why women's sports are not as popular as men's
  12. Will the steroid scandal damage athletes' reputations?
  13. Can diet harm athletes' health?
  14. Should female athletes be coached only by female coaches?
  15. Should parents force their children to play sports?
  16. Why is the performance of domestic sports equipment weak?
  17. How does trauma affect the mental state of athletes?
  18. How do athletes deal with depression in post-traumatic recovery?
  19. What skills can athletes use to overcome the experience of failure
  20. How do athletes overcome stress during training?

In this category you will also find sports informative speech topics. Some of these ideas are more a matter of sports ethics. But if you do extensive research, you just want to write a good essay or dissertation on one of these topics.

Controversies and controversial issues in sports

Perhaps you are looking for an argumentative topic that TZ students are afraid to write about. Perhaps you want to write about a controversial sports law topic. This category contains some of the best topics for argumentative sports essays.

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  1. The media should represent equality when covering sports
  2. Sports teams, coaches and sponsors should be classified by gender
  3. Mind sports must be seen as practical sports
  4. Innate talent is as important as the coach's sport
  5. Can great athletes be great coaches?
  6. Even the best coaches lose their self-control
  7. Poker is a sport, not a gamble
  8. Coaches can take care of athletes' health during training
  9. Football is more popular than football
  10. baseball rules dictate unfairly
  11. What is the ultimate balance between control and command in sports?
  12. Why do professional baseball players feel criminalized for using performance-enhancing drugs?
  13. How do student athletes shape the landscape of social awareness?
  14. Could a baseball rule change simplify that?
  15. What rules should be changed to reduce injuries in football?
  16. Who is the most controversial athlete in history?
  17. Should transgender people play sports?
  18. How can discipline prevent common sports injuries?
  19. Can the long-term negative effects of exercise be mitigated?
  20. Trauma prevention provisions for young athletes reduce physical stress - discussion

These ideas that we have preparedhomework helper, is also a good topic for a sports persuasive speech. But whether you choose to write about a compelling topic or a sports medicine topic, take the time to do extensive research. This is because teachers give the best grades to students who write essays and dissertations that are well-researched, well-written, and informative.


Top 100 sports research topics? ›

One good method for finding hot topics is to look for issues that cause problems for other researchers. Begin by searching for and reading literature in your field. Start with general interest journals, but don't limit yourself to journal publications only; you can also look for clues in the news or on research blogs.

What is the best topics to research? ›

Social Issues Research Paper Topics:
  • Abortion.
  • Adoption.
  • Airline safety, security.
  • Affirmative Action programs.
  • AIDS.
  • Apartheid.
  • Birth control.
  • Child abuse.
May 23, 2022

What are some good research topics for high school students? ›

100 Interesting Research Paper Topics for High Schoolers
  • Analyze the benefits of diversity in education.
  • Are charter schools useful for the national education system?
  • How has modern technology changed teaching?
  • Discuss the pros and cons of standardized testing.
May 4, 2023

What are the sociological research topics on sports? ›

Sociology of sports
  • Socialization into and through sports. Several questions are central to understanding the socialization into sports. ...
  • Sports and national identity. ...
  • Globalization and sports processes. ...
  • Elite sports systems. ...
  • Labour migration and elite sports. ...
  • Mass media and the rise of professional sports.

What are three major issues in sport? ›

Big Issues in Sports
  • Have All-Star Games Outlived Their Usefulness? ...
  • How Are New NCAA Rules on Paying College Athletes Working Out? ...
  • Has the Designated Hitter Been Good for Baseball? ...
  • Should the Olympics Change the Way It Handles Doping? ...
  • How Do We Get More Black Coaches in Pro Sports?

What type of research is in sports? ›

Sport research/Research design
  • Descriptive research.
  • Experimental and Quasi experimental.
  • Meta analyses.
Mar 24, 2022

What are 3 examples of basic research topics? ›

Here are some examples of basic research:
  • A study looking at how alcohol consumption impacts the brain.
  • A study to discover the components making up human DNA.
  • A study accessing whether stress levels make people more aggressive.
  • A study looking to see if gender stereotypes lead to depression.
Mar 29, 2023

What are the top 5 most researched topics? ›

  • Entrepreneur Studies.
  • Research Methodology.
  • Legal Research.
  • Auditing.
  • Finance.
  • Economics.
  • Banking.
  • Insurance.

How do I find a hot research topic? ›

One good method for finding hot topics is to look for issues that cause problems for other researchers. Begin by searching for and reading literature in your field. Start with general interest journals, but don't limit yourself to journal publications only; you can also look for clues in the news or on research blogs.

What is an example of a research topic? ›

A good research topic should be specific enough to allow for focused research and analysis. For example, if you are interested in studying the effects of climate change on agriculture, your research topic could focus on how rising temperatures have impacted crop yields in certain regions over time.

What is a research paper for high school students? ›

What is a research paper? A research paper poses an answer to a specific question and defends that answer using academic sources, data, and critical reasoning.

What are some social issues in sports? ›

In athletics, gender inequality and racial discrimination are two main social issues that affect females. One of the most vivid examples is the lower payment that is provided to female athletes in comparison to their male counterparts.

What are some sociological issues in sports? ›

Sports has an intense relationship to significant sociological elements including education, leisure, social stratification, social mobility, race and gender issues. Media spends a great deal of it's resources on sports.

What is the biggest issue in sports today? ›

5 Sport and Human Rights Issues to Look Out For in 2021
  1. RESPONDING TO COVID-19. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on sport have been severe, from its finances to its wider societal outcomes. ...
Jan 1, 2021

What are the five key sport ethics topics? ›

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics states that key elements of sportsmanship include cooperation, gratitude, honor, humility and fairness—all principles that relate to ethical actions in sports.

What are the top 3 hardest sports to play? ›

According to Sports Virsa, the top 10 hardest sports in the world to play in 2022 are as follows: Boxing (hardest), American football, mixed martial arts, ice hockey, gymnastics, basketball, soccer, wrestling, rugby, and water polo.

What is ethical research in sport? ›

Research Ethics in Exercise, Health and Sports Sciences puts ethics at the centre of research in these rapidly expanding fields of knowledge. Placing the issues in historical context, and using informative case studies, the authors examine how moral theory can guide research design, education, and governance.

What is research in sport? ›

Through Sport research is focused on the social contributions of sport, addressing sport as a context within which social, economic and cultural challenges are addressed. Beyond Sport research is focussed on the benefits of sport, health and exercise sciences to individual health outcomes, economies and populations.

What is qualitative research in sport? ›

Qualitative research is a form of inquiry that analyzes information observed in natural settings. Qualitative Research is also used to uncover trends in thought and opinions, and dive deeper into the problem. Qualitative data collection methods vary using unstructured or semi-structured techniques.

How do I find an easy research topic? ›

Your instructor, course readings, class notes, Wikipedia, and Google can all be helpful in terms of getting ideas for broad topics. A Research Guide for a particular subject created by a subject librarian is great for helping you choose where to begin your research.

What are some examples of topics? ›

Topic Examples
  • Education: Sex education, homeschooling, school bullying, non-smoking campus, learning disabilities, Common Core, affirmative action.
  • Equality/Human Rights: ...
  • Community/Social Issues: ...
  • Romantic Relationships: ...
  • Family/Friends: ...
  • Recreation/Hobbies: ...
  • Work: ...
  • Identity/Appearance:

What are some famous examples of basic research? ›

Basic research has led to discovery of the first human cancer gene; the first experimental confirmation of the existence of the quark; the first chemical synthesis of penicillin; and the discovery of Prochlorococcus, the most abundant photosynthetic species on Earth.

What are the 10 common research paper in order? ›

A complete research paper in APA style that is reporting on experimental research will typically contain a Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and References sections. Many will also contain Figures and Tables and some will have an Appendix or Appendices.

What are the 6 most critical types of research? ›

The six critical types of research include exploratory research, descriptive research, explanatory research, correlational research, and causal research.

What is a strong research question? ›

In general, however, a good research question should be: Clear and focused. In other words, the question should clearly state what the writer needs to do. Not too broad and not too narrow.

What are the 3 research questions? ›

With that in mind there are three common types of quantitative research questions:
  • Descriptive research questions.
  • Comparative research questions.
  • Relationship-based research questions.

Where to get research ideas? ›

How to... find ideas for your research
  • Using techniques such as relevance trees and morphological analysis – see next section.
  • Looking at previous projects, which will probably mention areas for further research.
  • Brainstorm with other students.
  • Look at abstracts in online databases, and list ideas you find interesting.

How do you research specific topics? ›

Depending on your familiarity with the topic and the challenges you encounter along the way, you may need to rearrange these steps.
  1. Step 1: Identify and develop your topic. ...
  2. Step 2 : Do a preliminary search for information. ...
  3. Step 3: Locate materials. ...
  4. Step 4: Evaluate your sources. ...
  5. Step 5: Make notes. ...
  6. Step 6: Write your paper.

Where can I find best research? ›

The 10 Best Academic Research Sources
  • Google Scholar.
  • JSTOR.
  • Library of Congress.
  • PubMed Central.
  • Google Books.
  • Digital Commons Network.
  • ResearchGate.

What are 3 reliable sources for research? ›

Credible sources include peer-reviewed journals, government agencies, research think tanks, and professional organizations. Major newspapers and magazines also provide reliable information thanks to their high publishing standards.

What is a good research question for a 9th grader? ›

9th-grade research paper topics

The causes of the Great Depression. My favorite personality in 19th-century literature. The First Moon Landing in the popular media. How has rap music brought up the majority of social problems?

What is an example of a research topic for Grade 11? ›

Issues such as deforestation of forests, overpopulation, fishing and excessive or illegal hunting ; Endangered species and poor water management can be some of the most interesting topics.

How do you write a research question for high school students? ›

All research questions should be:
  1. Focused on a single problem or issue.
  2. Researchable using primary and/or secondary sources.
  3. Feasible to answer within the timeframe and practical constraints.
  4. Specific enough to answer thoroughly.
  5. Complex enough to develop the answer over the space of a paper or thesis.
Oct 26, 2022

What are the 10 areas of sport psychology? ›

Common areas of study
  • Personality.
  • Athletic Performance.
  • Youth sport.
  • Coaching.
  • Team processes.
  • Organizational Sport Psychology.
  • Motivation in sport.
  • Recovery from Injury.

What are the big 5 sports psychology? ›

The Big Five model describes five dimensions of personality: Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness to experience.

What are 3 sports psychology concepts? ›

With that in mind, and considering the many psychological constructs affecting performance in sports, the following areas are some of the most widely studied:
  • Mental toughness.
  • Motivation.
  • Goal setting.
  • Anxiety and arousal.
  • Confidence.
Mar 31, 2021

What are six major issues facing youth sport? ›

5 Huge Problems with Youth Sports in the US
  • #5: Kids Are Quitting Too Soon. Research shows that 50% of kids quit youth sports by age 11 and that 70% quit by age 13. ...
  • #4: Early Specialization Pressure. ...
  • #3: It's Too Expensive. ...
  • #2: Too Much Stress, Not Enough Fun. ...
  • #1: The Wrong Goals. ...
  • How do we fix these problems?
Jan 22, 2020

What are the biggest problems in youth sports? ›

Here are five major issues with child athletics in the United States today.
  • Kids are Quitting Too Soon.
  • Early Specialization Pressure.
  • It's Too Expensive.
  • Too Much Stress, Not Enough Fun.
  • The Wrong Goals.
Oct 3, 2021

What are some ethical issues in sports? ›

Common Ethical Issues in Sports
  • Diversity. On the court or sports field, minorities are often well-represented. ...
  • Pay for Play. A recent article in BizFluent described what is becoming something of a controversy within college sports. ...
  • Gambling. ...
  • Performance-enhancing Drugs.
Oct 25, 2019

Is there gender inequality in sports? ›

In college sports, women's athletic programs are often underfunded or underserviced compared to men's sports. Gender gaps in college funding for women's sports can impact coaching, facilities, opportunities, promotional investment, and fan enthusiasm.

How does sports influence society? ›

Sports in society can even influence our understanding of gender roles and socio-economic issues, and they can help frame city-, state- and national identity.

How does sports affect social health? ›

Social benefits

Playing in a team helps children to develop many of the social skills they will need for life. It teaches them to cooperate, to be less selfish, and to listen to other children. It also gives children a sense of belonging. It helps them make new friends and builds their social circle outside school.

What is primary research in sport? ›

What is Primary Research? Primary research is research conducted by you or your team that examines and collects information directly from the context of the design problem. Simply put, primary research is research that is your own original work.

Why is research good for sport? ›

Sports science research can help lead to evidence-based approaches that will allow athletes and active individuals to exercise in optimal ways.

What are the 6 research methods in sports and exercise psychology list and explain? ›

Research methods in sport and exercise psychology include questionnaires, interviews, observation, physiological measures, biochemical measures, and content analysis.

What are the top 10 legal issues that sports and events face? ›

  • Liabilities for Injuries. When students get injured during games, events, or other competitions, it's not uncommon for the district to be at risk for damages. ...
  • Concussion Management. ...
  • Social Media Issues. ...
  • Hazing. ...
  • Sexual Harassment. ...
  • Transgender Athlete Policies. ...
  • Disabilities. ...
  • Title IX.
Apr 11, 2020

What are the 10 values associated with sport? ›

Healthy and Unhealthy Sports Values
  • Honesty.
  • Commitment.
  • Work ethic.
  • Pursuit of personal excellence.
  • Love of sport.
  • Fun.
  • Respect of self and others.
  • Being a good sport.
Nov 13, 2017

What are the 6 sporting values? ›

For example, linked to the School Games, young people achieve personal excellence through six values – honesty, teamwork, respect, self-belief, passion and determination.

What are the 7 values promoted through sport? ›

Sport can teach values such as fairness, teambuilding, equality, discipline, inclusion, perseverance and respect. Sport has the power to provide a universal framework for learning values, thus contributing to the development of soft skills needed for responsible citizenship.

What are the six ethical issues in research? ›

Ethical considerations in research are a set of principles that guide your research designs and practices. These principles include voluntary participation, informed consent, anonymity, confidentiality, potential for harm, and results communication.

What is quantitative research in sport? ›

The quantitative approach involves a systematic empirical investigation of a phenomenon using numerical data. It is used to identify evidence of cause and effect relationships, as well as collect data from a larger population than qualitative research (Downey & Ireland, 1979).

What are ethical issues in sport psychology? ›

An ethical situation that commonly occurs in sport and exercise psychology is the identification of the client (Who is the client?). In an athletic setting, one may question if the client is the athlete who has been referred for help, the coach, or the athletic department who is paying for the services.


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