Think outside the box: 200 inspirational, compelling writing topics (2023)

You are staring at a blank canvas trying to find a topic for your persuasive essay. You know you have to choose something interesting, but you don't know where to start.

It's hard to get motivated when you feel like everything has already been said about the topic you're considering. Wondering how to make your essay stand out?

The good news is that is here to help.

We have compiled a list of potentially compelling writing topics to unleash your creativity. Whether you're looking for something controversial, funny, or informative, we've got you covered.

Check out our list of compelling writing topics below to get started.

Unique Persuasive Writing Topics for Students

Writing a persuasive essay can be quite an interesting task for students. This allows them to demonstrate their research and analytical skills and present their thoughts in an orderly manner.

Choosing the right topic is critical to making the writing process more enjoyable.

Here are some great ideas to use in your writing:

Persuasive Writing Topics for High School

  • Do students have to wear uniforms to school?
  • What are the benefits of a longer school day?
  • How can technology help improve student engagement and learning?
  • Is it important that all schools have equal access to resources?
  • Should physical education be compulsory in all schools?
  • How can schools better prepare students to enter the workforce?
  • Should a student's grade be based solely on test performance?
  • Is it important to limit screen time or should there be no restrictions?
  • Should school holidays be extended or shortened?
  • Is it beneficial for students to participate in extracurricular activities?

Persuasive Writing Topics for Sixth Grade

  • Should school lunch prices be lowered to make them more affordable for all students?
  • Is there an argument for allowing the use of mobile phones in the classroom?
  • Should schools offer a wider range of electives?
  • Is there a compelling case for requiring physical education in elementary and secondary schools?
  • Should students be allowed to refuse standardized tests?
  • Is the current homework load too high for middle and high school students?
  • Does the school have to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students, regardless of their financial situation?
  • Should sixth grade classes have more field trips and outdoor activities?
  • Should students have access to more technology in the classroom?
  • Is there any argument for making breaks mandatory for all sets?

Persuasive Writing Topics for 7th Grade

  • Should schools have a dress code?
  • Should students be required to do charity projects in order to graduate?
  • Do all gym students have to take mandatory drug tests?
  • Are current gun laws enough?
  • Should same-sex marriage be legal?
  • Should teen drivers carry passengers in their cars?
  • Is the standardized test an effective measure of student success?
  • Should homework be abolished in schools?
  • Should young children be allowed to use cell phones or tablets at school?
  • Are video games too violent for young children?

Persuasive Writing Topics for High School

  • Should physical education be compulsory in high school?
  • Is a strict dress code necessary for academic success?
  • Are standardized tests an effective measure of student achievement?
  • Do social networks have a positive or negative impact on adolescents?
  • Should students be allowed to rate their teachers?
  • Should cell phones be banned in class?
  • Should schools offer fast food options like McDonald's or Taco Bell?
  • Is competitive sport necessary for complete training?
  • Are extracurricular activities essential for student development?
  • Should students be able to choose their classes?

Persuasive Writing Topics for College

  • Should universities require that all students take at least one course in diversity studies?
  • Should universities implement free speech zones on campus?
  • Should college athletes be paid for their performance?
  • Is it ethical for employers to ask about an applicant's criminal history during the hiring process?
  • Should university students be required to take a foreign language course?
  • Should the US government offer free tuition to all eligible students?
  • Is it ethical to use animals in scientific research?
  • Are standardized tests an adequate measure of academic aptitude and ability?
  • Should print textbooks be replaced by eBooks?
  • Should all students be required to learn programming and computer science in school?

Persuasive Writing Topics for College

  • Should universities offer free studies to all students?
  • Are special scholarships for students beneficial?
  • Should college athletes be paid for their services?
  • Is it important that universities make mental health resources available to their students?
  • How can universities help prevent cheating and plagiarism among students?
  • Should universities be required to offer online courses?
  • Are college degree requirements outdated and irrelevant?
  • Do college students need to take physical education classes?
  • Does the presence of social networks in science have a positive or negative impact on learning?
  • Should universities prioritize research over teaching?

Interesting topics of persuasive essays from different fields.

When choosing writing topics, there is no shortage of interesting and engaging writing topics from various fields.

Here are some examples of interesting persuasive writing topics from different fields:

Art and culture

  • Should museums include more different cultures?
  • Should the government fund public art programs?
  • Are comics an important form of literature?
  • Does graffiti have value as an art form?
  • Is the traditional concept of beauty obsolete in today's society?
  • Is it important that the public have access to art galleries and museums?
  • Do modern movies have any real artistic value?
  • Are video games an art form?
  • Should the performing arts be funded by the state?
  • Does the music industry value image over talent?


  • Should governments guarantee a minimum wage?
  • Should the government subsidize green energy projects?
  • Should the rich pay more taxes?
  • Are free trade agreements good or bad for developing countries?
  • Can economic growth be sustained without harming the environment?
  • Is immigration beneficial or detrimental to the economic growth of a country?
  • Should governments limit the size of banks and financial institutions?
  • Do countries need to regulate their currency markets?
  • Should governments invest in renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels?
  • Should top officials pay more taxes?


  • Do students need to complete a certain number of community service hours to graduate?
  • Should the school uniform be required for all public schools?
  • Do textbooks become obsolete due to technological advances?
  • Should the education system focus more on practical topics like coding and programming?
  • Is the current grading system in public schools fair and effective?
  • Is homeschooling a viable alternative to traditional education?
  • Should standardized tests be abolished from the education system?
  • Should teachers receive bonuses for good performance in the classroom?
  • Are students more successful when they go to a private school or university?
  • Should all students have access to free classes?

moral principle

  • Is the use of animals in medical research ethical?
  • Should parents be allowed to determine the sex of their children?
  • Should companies be held responsible for the pollution they cause?
  • Are companies required to act ethically when doing business abroad?
  • Is it ethical to censor content on the internet?
  • Should the government impose stricter regulations on GM foods?
  • Is it ethical to use artificial intelligence in decision-making processes?
  • Should companies have their own private security guards?
  • Are restrictions on free speech necessary for public safety?
  • Do companies have an ethical responsibility to pay fair wages?

Government and policy

  • Should the government regulate social media?
  • Should term limits be imposed on members of Congress?
  • Are US taxes too high?
  • Should it be mandatory to vote for all citizens?
  • Is the Electoral College still relevant today?
  • Does the death penalty have a deterrent effect?
  • Should the United States switch to a single-payer health system?
  • Should there be limits on campaign spending?
  • Should the United States introduce a single tax system?
  • Is it time to repeal the second amendment?


  • Is the legalization of marijuana an ethical practice?
  • Should parents be allowed to determine the sex of their children?
  • Is it ethical to test drugs on animals?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of genetic engineering?
  • Are there health risks associated with excessive use of digital screens?
  • Should physical education be compulsory in all schools?
  • Is the health system in your country adequate for your needs?
  • Are there benefits of eating organic food?
  • How does mental health affect physical health?
  • Should immunizations be mandatory for all children?


  • Was the Spanish Inquisition justified?
  • Were the American colonists justified in revolting against Britain?
  • Did the discoveries of Christopher Columbus help or hurt indigenous peoples?
  • What effect did Genghis Khan have on world history?
  • Did the First World War decisively change the course of history?
  • Was the Treaty of Versailles fair for Germany?
  • Did Napoleon Bonaparte's government bring positive or negative changes to France and Europe?
  • Should the United States annex the Philippines in 1898?
  • How did the Great Depression shape world history?
  • Is the theory of the clash of civilizations valid?


  • Should artificial intelligence be regulated?
  • Should autonomous vehicles be allowed on public roads?
  • Is the internet making us less social?
  • Should cloning research be banned?
  • Are there moral issues related to genetic engineering?
  • Should governments finance space exploration programs?
  • Do smart home devices make us more vulnerable to cyberattacks?
  • Should the government regulate the use of social networks?
  • Do robots take jobs away from people?
  • Should nuclear power be used as an alternative to fossil fuels?


  • Should professional athletes be drug tested?
  • Is there a gender difference in sport?
  • Should college athletes be paid for their achievements?
  • Does skill or luck decide the outcome of sports competitions?
  • Are sporting events being overly commercialized?
  • Is it necessary to increase public funding of sporting events?
  • Is the use of performance-enhancing drugs in sports cheating or is it fair?
  • Should college students be able to pick their own sports teams?
  • Does professional sport harm young people?
  • Should parents allow children to play violent video games?


  • Should schools replace textbooks with tablets?
  • Will algorithms replace human decision making in the workplace?
  • Is it time to regulate the use of facial recognition technology?
  • Can artificial intelligence and robots be used to improve health outcomes?
  • Should autonomous vehicles be allowed on public roads?
  • Should Internet access be a basic human right?
  • Should social media platforms do more to protect user privacy?
  • Is blockchain technology the future of banking and finance?
  • Are virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa invading privacy?
  • Can we trust autonomous weapons systems to make ethical decisions in war?

social media

Here are some compelling topics to write about on social media. Look at them.

  • Do social networks affect society positively or negatively?
  • Should employers be able to access an employee's social media accounts?
  • Should you be allowed to post anonymously online?
  • How can parents protect their children from the risks of using social networks?
  • Does the spread of false news on social networks harm society?
  • Should governments regulate online language on social media?
  • Should employers be allowed to run background checks on social media?
  • Is a person's personal data protected against use by corporate interests on social media platforms?
  • Do people spend too much time on their digital devices?
  • Does the use of social networks by young people lead to further isolation?

Think outside the box: 200 inspirational, compelling writing topics (2)

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Controversial Issues in Persuasive Writing

  • Should the death penalty be reintroduced in all states?
  • Should gun laws be stricter?
  • Is global warming a real threat?
  • Are vaccines safe for children?
  • Should prostitution be legalized?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Does the school uniform violate personal freedom?
  • Should genetically modified foods be allowed on the market?
  • Should sex education be compulsory in school?
  • Should animal testing be banned?

Fun and persuasive writing prompts

  • Should cats be allowed to go to school?
  • Do people have to have a minimum number of friends before they graduate?
  • Are you allowed to laugh at your own jokes?
  • Should parents be required to attend parenting courses?
  • Are video games the best way to spend free time?
  • Should children be allowed to wear pajamas in public?
  • Do students have to pass a test before they can drive?
  • Are cell phones essential for teens or should they be restricted?
  • Should everyone learn to cook their meals?
  • Would it be better if all schools had the same uniform?

Persuasive Argumentative Writing Topics

  • Should the electoral college be abolished?
  • Is it ethical to eat meat?
  • Should the Internet be censored?
  • Are GM foods safe for human consumption?
  • Are social networks good or bad for society?
  • Should college athletes be paid for their performance?
  • Should the drinking age be lowered or raised?
  • Should school attendance be compulsory for students?
  • Are video games too violent and negatively affect children?
  • Should religious education be prohibited in public schools?

How to choose a good attractive essay topic?

Choosing a writing topic for youconvincing essayis significant

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With the right topic, you can create an outstanding, well-written essay. Choosing an engaging essay topic may seem easy, but it can be challenging.

You can't start writing a persuasive essay on any random topic and expect your essay to be brilliant.

To choose the best topic for your essay, follow these steps:

1. Know your interests -You can only write an effective essay if you write about something that interests you. If you're writing something you're passionate about, enthusiasm helps persuade readers.

2. Narrow down the ideas -Make a rough list of topics that interest you. Then review any issues and identify the topics that you think you can present well.

3. Choose your posture -Now that you know that information on a topic is enough, decide on an attitude. Choose a side that you can support with evidence and logic.

4. Controversy is the best policy -People love to read about controversial topics. Readers are more likely to read the entire essay to satisfy their curiosity.

Once you've put your ideas through these filters, you'll have a strong and debatable topic on which to write an essay.

Tips for writing a persuasive essay

Whether you're in high school, college, or university, writing an effective and persuasive essay can be difficult.

Fortunately, with a few tips and tricks, you can create an engaging and persuasive essay that will grab your readers' attention.

Here are six tips to help you write an engaging and persuasive essay:

(Video) Article Writing | How to write an Article | Format | Example | Exercise | Writing Skills

1. Choose your theme carefully

You need to choose a topic that is relevant and interesting to your audience. Make sure you are passionate about it and can present it logically and persuasively.

2. Carry out a thorough investigation

Before you start your essay, research your topic as best you can. This allows you to present both sides of the argument in an informed and balanced way.

3. Identify your audience

Before you write your persuasive essay, think about who will be reading it and what their interests are.

This will help you write in language that resonates with them and will ensure that your arguments are consistent with their understanding.

4. Use logical arguments

It is important to provide logical and persuasive arguments to be persuasive. Be sure to use facts, statistics, and other evidence to make your arguments more convincing.

5. Structure your essay well

An effective and persuasive essay must be well organized. Divide it into an introduction, main sections, and a conclusion.

(Video) 4 simple ways to have a great idea | Richard St. John

Pay attention to the structure of your essay, as this can help make your arguments more effective.

Learn to make a perfectconvincing essay outlinewith the help of our blog.

6. Make it attractive

An engaging and persuasive essay will capture your audience's attention from start to finish.

Use different techniques to make your writing interesting and engaging, such as: B. Use examples, analogies, and persuasive language.

We hope you find inspiration in our full list of themes. Pick a topic you are passionate about and start working on it. By following these awesome tips and tricks, you will surely be able to write an essay that will impress your teacher.

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