The 16 best Masters in Sports Psychology in 2023 - Best Value Schools (2023)

The 16 best Masters in Sports Psychology in 2023 - Best Value Schools (1)

If you're interested in helping athletes of all ages improve their performance, mental health and fitness, a career as a sports psychologist is for you. To be a top-notch sports psychologist, you must combine medical principles and clinical psychology. First of all, you have oneMaster-Studiumat best prepares you for various roles in this field.

Sport psychology is a rapidly growing field. In fact, the American Psychological Association has called it a "popular career choice." For sports enthusiasts looking to get into sports management, personal training, or coaching, a degree in sports psychology can open doors.

Top 5 Masters Degrees in Sport Psychology

Area School Location
1Michigan State UniversityEast of Lansing, Michigan
2Boston UniversityBoston, Massachusetts
3Florida State UniversityTallahassee, Florida
4University of DenverDenver, Colorado
5Oregon State UniversityCorvallis, Oregon

Sport psychology is also niche and finding a sport psychology masters degree that is right for you can be challenging. There are many options that are accessible online. However, some of the most prestigious universities in the country also offer sports psychology programs that combine aspects of psychology, kinesiology and counseling to provide truly unique academic experiences. Ask yourself what would you like to do? pursue an academic career? Trainer? Choosing the right program depends largely on your own career goals.

Here are some of the best sports psychology programs in the country. We try to offer a wide range of options, from reputable schools like Stanford to online-only options that offer an affordable alternative.

Top 16 Masters Degrees in Sport Psychology


Michigan State University

  • East of Lansing, Michigan
  • Graduation rate:78%

Michigan State University has a renowned psychology department, ranked 33rd by The Times of Higher Education. Regarding sport psychology, the state of Michigan offers a master's concentration that focuses on the psychosocial aspects of sport and an emphasis on physical activity. The concentration focuses on the theoretical understanding of psychological and sociological variables related to sport.

The concentration integrates the study of sport psychology, which examines the psychological effects on motor performance, and sociology, which examines the social structures of sport and physical activity.

Registration:40.384 $

Ratio of students to teachers:16:1

Visit the school's website


Boston University

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Graduation rate:87%

For those pursuing a degree in exercise psychology, Boston University offers a specialization in their Master of Education in Counseling program. Boston University's program focuses on helping its students develop counseling skills and knowledge to achieve excellence. The specializations offered are school counselling, child and adolescent psychiatry and sports psychology.

The Sports Psychology concentration includes fieldwork and electives focused on this area. Students acquire the knowledge and experience to prepare them for their chosen career path.

Registration:57.686 $

Ratio of students to teachers:N/A Offered online

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Florida State University

  • Tallahassee, Florida
  • Graduation rate:80%

Florida State University's sports psychology programs integrate theory, research, and hands-on learning experiences. The program examines the psychology of athletic performance and well-being.

Students also develop their research skills through Florida State University's Sport Psychology Laboratory. The lab offers students the opportunity to study theory and work with athletes and teams to see results. The program also provides supervision for students pursuing Certified Mental Performance Consultant status.

Program graduates have found jobs in a variety of fields, including teaching, varsity athletic departments, professional athletic organizations, the military, interscholastic and youth sports, and more.

Registration per credit hour:$479.32 (resident) or $1,110.72 (non-resident)

Ratio of students to teachers:21:1

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University of Denver

  • Denver, Colorado
  • Graduation rate:79%

The MS in Sport and Performance Psychology at the University of Denver is designed for individuals with an interest in sport, performing arts, health and fitness, or various areas of mental health. The program is an affordable, high-quality option for sports enthusiasts. The program leverages Denver's thriving sports and performing arts scene while providing students with a great place to continue their education.

This two-year program also offers students many opportunities to work in the field through the Center for Performance Excellence, the university's nonprofit advisory organization. The University of Denver also has the most comprehensive curriculum available that focuses specifically on the psychology of performance.

Registration:23.277 $

Ratio of students to teachers:N/A Offered online

Visit the school's website

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Oregon State University

  • Corvallis, Oregon
  • Graduation rate:63%

Oregon State University has an undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral program in kinesiology, making it a great choice for those interested in exercise psychology. The programs focus on the theoretical and practical study of physical activity. Oregon State takes a holistic approach, examining the anatomy, physiology, sociology, and psychology of physical activity and sport and their impact on individuals, culture, and society. Graduates of this program have many career opportunities in areas such as teaching, the fitness industry, coaching to name a few.

Registration:$15,267 (resident) or $28,199 (non-resident)

Ratio of students to teachers:18:1

Visit the school's website


University of North Texas

  • Denton, Texas
  • Graduation rate:64%

The University of North Texas takes an interdisciplinary approach to exercise psychology. The direction you take in North Texas has a lot to do with what you want to do with the title. Students have some flexibility to customize the program to meet their goals, be it coaching, mentoring or performance enhancement.

North Texas offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs. Program. The doctorate is on the psychosocial aspects of sport and exercise. From top to bottom, North Texas offers quality programs for a variety of needs if you are interested in sports psychology.


Ratio of students to teachers:24:1

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ball state university

  • Muncie, Indiana
  • Graduation rate:57%

Ball State offers students a comprehensive education in sports and exercise psychology. This public research university in Muncie, Indiana offers an MS/MS in Sport and Exercise Psychology. The program works in partnership with the Counseling Psychology and Mental Health Services departments, offering students the opportunity to specialize in clinical mental health, rehabilitation counseling, or earn a dual degree.

Ball State has a strong commitment to research and encourages students to pursue research projects and gain experience through presenting, writing grants, community service, etc. as certified consultants in a variety of settings spanning youth, college, professional, and disability sports, as well as practitioners and accession artists.

Registration:$7,632 (instate) or $20,898 (out of state)

Ratio of students to teachers:N/A Offered online

Visit the school's website


Minnesota State University-Mankato

  • Mankato, Minnesota
  • Graduation rate:52%

The Minnesota State University program seeks to build a theoretical foundation in exercise psychology. Successful graduates leave the program better prepared to train, mentor, or apply knowledge to improve performance in their chosen career. As part of the program, students work collaboratively with local athletic programs at the high school, collegiate, and recreational levels.

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Registration:$444.10 per credit hour, rates $44.08 per hour

Ratio of students to teachers:17:1

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Springfield University

  • Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Graduation rate:69%

Springfield College offers a master's degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology aimed at those seeking a scholarship in the field. The university imparts theoretical, psychological, physiological and socio-cultural aspects of sport.

The program is interdisciplinary, allowing students to take on the theory while applying it to the real world. Students can choose between the traditional route from the thesis to the master’s and the route without a thesis.

The thesis track allows students to undertake research of their choice under the supervision of a faculty member. The students lead the project conception, manage the data collection and analysis. The non-thesis path allows students to integrate with collegiate and high school level athletes through service delivery.

Registration:$1,105 per credit hour

Ratio of students to teachers:N/A Offered online

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University of San Diego for Integrative Studies

  • San Diego, California
  • Graduation rate:67%

This program provides students with the hands-on training needed to help athletes improve their athletic performance while providing a psychological insight into what it takes to excel physically. Successful students leave the program to work with athletes, teams, and other sports organizations.

Registration:$ 14.040

Ratio of students to teachers:N/A Offered online

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John F. Kennedy University

  • Pleasant Hill, California
  • Graduation rate:49%

If you are looking for a degree in exercise psychology, JFK University's online master's degree is an option to consider. The degree combines evidence-based performance enhancement techniques, counseling and kinesiology to provide a comprehensive experience. The MSc in Sport Psychology is a leading expert in the field, both in practice and in research. The program can be completed on campus in Pleasant Hill, California or online.

Registration:$615.00 per credit hour

Ratio of students to teachers:10:1

Visit the school's website


University of Argosiana

  • California orange
  • Graduation rate:6%

Argosy University has 27 campuses as well as the availability of online courses. The Sports Psychology program is 30 credit hours and includes multiple areas: Sports Science, Research, Assessment, Group Skills, Personal Training. The program is asynchronous, which means students complete the work at their own pace. In addition to the master’s degree, Argosy also offers a doctorate in clinical psychology.

school overview

Registration:$750 per credit hour

Ratio of students to teachers:Varies by location

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Visit the school's website


University of West Alabama

  • Livingstone, Alabama
  • Graduation rate:30%

The University of West Alabama offers a master's degree in experimental psychology with a minor in exercise psychology. This 36-credit hour online degree will provide you with the sports psychology focus you are looking for while you learn the critical thinking, qualitative and quantitative analysis skills to excel in the field. The University of West Alabama is an affordable option for anyone considering a future career in sports psychology.

Registration:$429 per credit hour

Ratio of students to teachers:14:1

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University of Southern California

  • Irvine, California
  • Graduation rate:47%

California Southern's Master of Psychology provides students with a solid foundation in psychology while emphasizing areas in which they have a strong interest. The program emphasizes scientific research and practical experience gained in a non-clinical setting. The program includes concentrations that include pastoral care, addiction counseling, and sports psychology.

The Sports Psychology concentration is a 5-credit hour option that prepares students for sports counseling, performance improvement, coaching, and more.

Registration:$325 per credit hour

Ratio of students to teachers:N/A Offered online

Visit the school's website


Barry University

  • Coasts of Miami, Florida
  • Graduation rate:62%

Barry University's Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology program was specifically designed to meet the growing need in the field of sport psychology. The American Psychological Association has labeled the field a "hot career" option, and Miami-based Barry University is trying to prepare students for the field.

Successful Barry graduates are ready to teach, coach, physically lead and occupy many other fields. The program emphasizes psychological principles related to the field of sport and fitness. This online program offers students the opportunity to contribute to their community through research, internships, and participation in professional symposiums.

Registration:$990 per credit hour

Ratio of students to teachers:N/A Offered online

Visit the school's website


University Medal

  • Buffalo, New York
  • Graduation rate:43%

MEDAL College has campuses in Buffalo and Rochester as well as availability of online courses. It offers a master's degree in psychology with multiple concentrations, including a concentration in sports psychology. The students acquire a psychological foundation before they deal with sub-areas such as sports psychology. The program lasts about a year and prepares students for a variety of possible careers, including sports management and coaching. The school also offers a doctoral program that allows for further study.

Registration:$918 per credit hour

Ratio of students to teachers:N/A Offered online

Visit the school's website

Boost your career with a Masters in Sport Psychology

According to the latest report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities requiring graduates with a master's in exercise psychology will increase by 14% between 2019 and 2029. This data gives a clear idea of ​​why anyone passionate about sports psychology should seriously consider pursuing a career in the field.

While it is true that a college degree is a perfect entry point into a career in sports psychology, most careers require more levels of education to become a journeyman. For this reason, if you want a clear career path as a licensed and licensed sports psychologist, you should attend graduate school.

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Adoctoral degreeIt is often pursued by individuals who wish to break into psychological counseling or another area of ​​exercise science. But a master’s degree in sports psychology can also improve your chances of getting your dream job. As mentioned above, it goes without saying that the most rewarding education when it comes to sports psychology is the PhD. Earning a master’s degree, which essentially opens the doors for you to enter a doctoral program, will help you advance your sports career and earn more rewards.

Contrary to popular belief that sports psychology has limited employment opportunities, this is never the case. In fact, this specialist with a master's degree can work in the most diverse fields. This can include supporting people in elite and amateur fields such as sports medicine and exercise science in athletic clubs, the military, health centers, schools and even the community.

Why study sports psychology for a master's degree

Pursuing a career in sport and performance psychology requires a combination of skills and knowledge gained from studying a master's degree in sport psychology. Most professionals would only need a bachelor's degree in the field, but a Ph.D. it would be necessary to be a licensed psychologist. As a sports psychologist you will work directly with different coaches and athletes in different sports. A psychologist ensures that athletes follow a steady path to excellence and better physical and mental health.

How Can a Master's Degree Boost Your Career in Sport Psychology?

A successful career in sports psychology requires both medical and psychological principles, so a master's degree is crucial to prepare you to be the best at your job. Masters in Sport Psychology programs are roughly divided into two main areas: – a PhD with specialization and a Masters in Sport Psychology with optional certification.

A master's program is critical to the process of equipping the student with the necessary skills, principles and theories on how athletes and coaches deal with the physical and psychological effects of participating in or playing a sport. A Masters program is essential to teaching students and trainees the right methods and principles that can be applied to help athletes and teams increase their performance, improve their momentum and overcome some of the emotional obstacles found in occur in a sport and affect their performance. . physical health. Activity.

If you are contemplating the need to pursue a Masters in Sport Psychology, there are a few important pointers to keep in mind. Firstly, a masters program is designed to help improve the knowledge and skills of physical education coaches/teachers, physical education coaches, physical therapists and individuals in the performing arts.

A master's degree in psychology or a degree in sports psychology is a great way to kickstart your career, as these programs open the door to a variety of coaching jobs. It also gives you the opportunity to work in support roles in any sport or field of your choice. By 2028, sport psychology as an industry is projected to grow by 13.1%. These projections are a clear indication that the demand for psychologists will increase. This is one of the reasons someone should consider a career in sports psychology.

How do psychologists motivate athletes?

Psychologists understand that one of the best ways to motivate someone is to make them feel valued and empowered. This idea is broadly applicable to young athletes who want to learn the strategies and skills required for a sport. Motivation is important to teach athletes the necessary skills and encourage them to improve their performance. As a psychologist, many strategies can be involved when it comes to motivating athletes and some of the keys are:

  • Encourage teamwork and reward athletes for even the smallest improvements or new achievements.
  • Monitor the type of feedback and response you give athletes.
  • Minimize criticism, but never ignore athlete mistakes. Encouraging and guiding athletes to work on themselves and improve their weaknesses is far more effective than criticism.
  • Responding to athlete mistakes based on their ability is critical to ensuring that an athlete maintains a positive attitude towards the sport.

What do sports psychologists do?

a... haveBachelor Sportpsychologieoffers strong skills and the experience needed to work with all types of athletes, physical education teachers and coaches. Sports psychologists can work as licensed psychotherapists, therapists, coaches and consultants for all sports.

developmental psychology of sportChild PsychologyThese are disciplines aimed at the well-being of young athletes. child psychologyHelping young athletes and children develop discipline, confidence, moral thinking and teamwork is crucial. Young athletes can easily develop aggressive behaviors, increasing the need to understand child psychology as a key discipline in sport psychology.

Psychologists may also devote their responsibilities to assisting athletes in rehabilitation from injuries. FORrehabilitation processHe is often involved when recovering from an injury. Managing these fears is essential as they can easily affect an athlete's performance. Other roles and responsibilities of the sports psychologist include:

  • Develop mental strategies designed to help athletes overcome or deal with injuries and setbacks.
  • Offer psychological counseling to athletes and coaches.
  • Identify athlete strengths and weaknesses and assess how they affect athlete performance.
  • Rehabilitation and treatment of athletes with mental health problems.

Possible jobs for graduates of a master's degree in sports psychology

Some jobs require a bachelor's degree as part of the qualification. However, advancing your studies to a master's degree puts you ahead of most competitors in the job market. Sports psychology is one of the professions that master’s graduates prioritize. with a master's degree inSports Psychologyyou have the opportunity to work in various areas related to sport. Before you decide to pursue a master's degree in sports psychology, you need to understand what it is and what it entails.

Sport psychology and what it includes

Sport psychology is a discipline that focuses on how psychology affects athlete performance. Mastering sports psychology will make you an expert in improving athletes' performance based on their psychological characteristics. When you enroll in a sports psychology class, you learn certain skills. These skills are essential in your professional life as a sports psychologist. Here are some of the skills you can learn:

Focus of attention:Attention focus is the ability to tune out distractions while performing a specific task. This skill is necessary for professional athletes. Focused attention helps an athlete stay focused on achieving their goal despite distractions like screaming fans. Without floodlights, an athlete can easily be booed out of play or knocked out by cheering fans.

Pictures:Images are the visualization of an action before its execution. During performance, athletes require a high level of visualization skills. This allows them to make decisions about plays and passes. For example, an athlete must predict the direction of an opponent when performing a specific move. For example, soccer players with high visualization skills have excellent ball handling skills.

Motivation:That makes you want to give a presentation. As a sports psychologist, you must master the skills of motivating exemplary performance in the athletes you work with. Motivation is required before an achievement can be a race or a match. It is also essential after the presentation. Athletes need motivation after a loss to improve their next performance. You also need motivation to keep winning after a win.

Jobs for Sport Psychology Graduates

There are many jobs for graduates of sports psychology programs. If you have a master's degree in sport psychology, you have the opportunity to earn itwell paying jobsin sports companies. These professions include:

Education:Being part of a team of professional coaches is one of the greatest achievements in sport. Studying Sport Psychology at Master's level will enable you to understand the psychology of athletes, the psychosocial aspects that affect them and the science of movement. Knowing this, you can easily train them and achieve exemplary performance. By understanding an athlete's state of mind, you can develop plans that, if followed, will improve your overall performance.

Leadership positions in a sports team:The most successful sports teams have trained leaders who make critical decisions. Executive decisions can affect players directly and indirectly. As a Master in Sport Psychology, his contribution is essential in determining the influence of athletes on certain decisions. Decisions affecting athletes include changing the coaching staff or transferring certain athletes from one team to another.

Organizers of sporting events:Sporting events generate a lot of money. However, to reap the full benefits, event organizers need to understand the impact of events on athletes. Sport psychologists play an important role in analyzing possible harm or benefit to an athlete. For example, sporting event organizers need to predict how a loss might affect an athlete before many fans do. Some athletes can become so demoralized by losing that they ruin their careers.

State Sports Commissioner:Many sporting events are organized and sanctioned by the government. A master's degree in sports psychology can land you a government job. These jobs involve the decision-making and policies that govern sporting activities.

In addition, the functioning of national teams requires sports psychologists or certified mental performance consultants to ensure that the decisions made do not harm the mental state of the athletes.

Jobs in sporting goods manufacturers:Many considerations go into the design of athletic apparel such as shoes and t-shirts. With the help of sports psychologists, designers analyze the impact equipment can have on athletes' mental performance and take their products to the next level. In most cases, the athletes in question are used as brand ambassadors for manufacturing companies.

There are many other jobs you can get with a Masters in Sports Psychology in the field of sports medicine and beyond. However, how quickly you get a job depends on your networking efforts and your performance in school.

The Best Schools Offering a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology

Sports Psychology is one of the best courses to take if you are passionate about sports activities. The course is mostly preferred by athletes who want to stay on the course after retiring from active sport. However, if you are passionate about a specific sport, you can study sports psychology and become part of your dream sport as a manager or coach. To stand out in the job market, you may need to advance your sport psychology degree at a Master-Studiumeven. There are many benefits associated with a Masters in Sport Psychology, including higher salaries. Before signing up for a master class, one of the most important factors to consider is the institution you should join.

What to Look for in a Sports Psychology Masters School

Before you enroll in an institution to earn your Masters in Sport Psychology, there are a few things to consider.

Reason for attending the course:There are many reasons why you should choose a master’s degree in sports psychology. Before you start teaching, you should assess your short- and long-term goals. If your goal is to get a promotion or a better paying job, you should find an institution that is recommended by most potential employers. If you choose to study out of passion, you need to find an institution with the best facilities and teachers. This is how you can fully develop your potential.

Program availability:Before deciding on an institution for your master's program, you should check program availability at the institution. Although some institutions advertise the program, some institutions are not accredited to offer the course. Also, you must ensure that the institution has adequate tutors and teaching facilities to provide the required training. Services like libraries are necessary as you may need to do a lot of research as part of your studies.

Proximity to the institution:How much you spend on your studies often depends on how far away you live from your university. If you live far from the facility of your choice, additional costs for accommodation, meals or travel may apply. If you live far from the institution, you can apply for master classes online. You are economical as you don't have to spend money on commuting to and from school.

Course fees:Financial preparation is essential before beginning the Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. You need to find an institution whose tuition and other payments are affordable according to your financial situation. Some institutions charge less when you apply to online programs. If you cannot finance your studies, you can apply to various organizations for grants and funding.

There are many institutions where you can pursue a Masters in Sport Psychology. The average cost of study at these institutions depends on the institution's internal policies. A master's degree does not guarantee a job. Your chances of being hired depend on your networking skills and discipline, especially during employment. Most potential employers will look at your academic record and work discipline.

Application requirements for a master’s degree in sports psychology

A master's program in sport psychology is offered at individual institutions across the country. Upon graduation, you will have the opportunity to help athletes and artists achieve their life goals by working in student recreation centers.

Are you by any chance considering a master’s degree in sports psychology? Well, this excellent program will open up a whole new world to you while you participatestudent recreation centers. Once you have completed the courses outlined, you could be the first port of call for many athletes who need your help.

What is required to qualify for such a program?

You must consider all the requirements that you must meet before beginning this new chapter in your life. The requirements come in different forms and you must meet all of them in order to qualify for the master's program.

The good news about a master's degree in sports psychology is that it will help you learnImportance of sport psychology.It largely meets the needs of athletes who need special attention to deal with the various problems they face in their daily lives.

educational requirements

The first step in this journey is to know the educational regulations set by the institution. These graduate psychology degree programs require that you have a bachelor’s degree in hand before submitting your application.

Make sure the degree is in a relevant area, e.g. B. Psychology. Maybe you have another degree, but specialize in movement psychology, for example. Proof that you have an educational background that includes some credits in sports psychology is a huge plus.

In addition, it is best to meet the established GPA, an area on which the admissions committee focuses when reviewing the application. Most require a grade of 3.0 or higher for the master's degree in sports psychology. Complete this application with real-world hands-on experience and you're almost there.

Knowing you've worked in the industry as an intern at student recreation centers is a huge plus. Or maybe you have a job in sports that shows your zeal in finding teachers. Also include some references and certifications which are the icing on the cake. The graduate program is primarily concerned with the intricacies of psychology as it relates to sport.

It will also cover many clinical assignments and cover coursework in the sports industry and its players. Your job is to learn how best to approach any person who comes to you with a need.

Have you ever worked with a dorm trainer or professional psychologist/psychiatrist? Evidence that you have practical experience will benefit your application. Ask the trainer to write you a letter of recommendation.

Many graduates of the Psychology of Movement program know how important experience is before applying to the master's program. It focuses more on practical application and this experience will help you learn better.

It is therefore essential that you include a letter of recommendation with references with your application.

Application process for the Graduate Program

Prepare to attend school full-time to pursue a degree in sports psychology. Even if you attend school full-time, it takes 4-7 years to finish. Once you have ordered the time, you can proceed with the application.

Know when to apply

Most master's programs have deadlines after which you can only apply in the next academic year. So, start by figuring out the best time to apply for the sports psychology graduate program at the school of your choice. Also decide whether you will attend classes in person or online.

Then apply now. It is not advisable to wait until the last minute to apply. You may miss some requirements and must submit them before graduation day. Applying early gives you time to keep things simple and ready at school.

Submit the application

After you have filled out the forms, you can submit them online. Many institutions prefer an online application for the degree program. Just make sure you don't skip any critical parts and meet all requirements. After that, you can now expect to hear from the school.

It also doesn't hurt to prepare a portfolio and a personal statement if necessary. Sometimes the course can attract many applicants. It leads to the committee meeting with the students in person to reach out to those who meet the requirements and understand the importance of sports psychology.

in summary

Regardless of where you choose to work, the general role of a sports psychologist includes providing psychological counseling and evaluating an athlete's relationship between their mental state and physical performance, as well as diagnosing cognitive strengths and weaknesses that may affect an individual's performance .

When choosing a sports psychology master’s degree, it depends on your ideal needs. First you need to choose a plan based on your interests, which may include where and what you want to workpsychological schoolthat offers the best programs, future earning opportunities and the need to advance your future career.

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It is also important to note that whether you choose an online or in-person program, the end result is always the same. However, make sure you choose an alternative that doesn't limit you in any way, e.g. B. in terms of cost, flexibility and development of practical skills. In addition, there are other things that you should consider when applying for a master’s degree in sports psychology.

First, research the market for schools offering these programs. By doing so, they have evaluated the level of academic standards they offer and the cost of their programs. Also, make sure you meet all the necessary requirements to enroll in a university based on academic merit.


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