The 15 Best Pre-Dental Schools in the USA (2023)

dentiststhey play a crucial role in our oral health, from how they explore our mouth to how they are treated when needed. Becoming a dentist involves following a few steps, and enrolling in pre-dental school is one of them. That's why we've provided a comprehensive list of the top 15 pre-dental schools in the US to help you make the right choice.

When people hear the word dentist, the first thing that comes to mind is teeth, but dentistry isn't just about teeth, it's also about our overall oral health, including limiting foods that could harm you teeth

Attending pre-dental school is not essential before becoming a dentist or entering dental school. However, pre-dental schools do. It is easier for those who want to study.dentistryas admission to a dental school is competitive. Pre-dental schools prepare you for dental school. Also, in this article, we will tell you about the best courses in dental colleges and careers in dentistry. We recommend that you read this article carefully to get the full context of this article.

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The 15 Best Pre-Dental Schools in the USA (1)

The Pre-Dental School was it?

Pre-Dental refers to a degree program designed to prepare students for a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) program or a Doctor of Dentistry (DMD) program. A DDS and DMD share the same curriculum and therefore are almost the same degrees but have different names depending on the university. However, a student can choose any major and still be a Predentist, but they will be more successful in a major they are passionate about. However, there are recommended science courses required by dental schools.

Best basic subjects for pre-dental school

In general, there are recommended or required courses that you must take for admission to dental school and several specializations that allow you to take these prerequisite courses within the specialization. These specializations are academically rigorous and prepare you for the demands of dental school. Some examples of pre-dental courses are sociology, biology, biochemistry, chemistry or physics.Biomedical engineering.


According to the American College Dental Association (ACDA), most students considering a dental career consider majoring in chemistry or biology. The topics covered inbiologyMayor provide a solid foundation in medicine and health and also train for the biology section of the DAT. In addition, students majoring in biology take courses in genetics and anatomy to deepen their understanding of human health.


This is another common specialty for dental students. Chemistry can be a wonderful major, as many of the classes are lab-based and prepare you for dental school classes. Also, this degree is usually involved in research at their universities, which can look amazing on school applications.

Biomedical engineering

This can be another good option for dental students. Biomedical engineering students have the best of both worlds. They understand biological processes and systems as well as engineering contexts. Biomedical engineers can be excellent dentists because they understand how dental inventions such as implants or dentures affect patients from a technical and biological perspective.


Being a highly charged STEM subject, physics can prepare you for dental school by providing quantitative skills that can help you with the DAT. Also, many of the concepts you learn as a physics student can be applied to dental school.


You shouldn't think you have to study a STEM subject if you have another attraction. main themesociology, for example, can talk about how factors such as gender, race, and social class affect health and personal outcomes.

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Career in Dentistry

#1. dental assistants

Dental assistants support the dentist. A dental assistant's job involves preparing and developing x-rays, sterilizing equipment, and taking impressions of patients' teeth. They also show patients the processes and educate them about oral care. Other functions may include sealant applications, a topical anesthetic, and fluoride applications.

#2. dental hygienist

The job responsibilities of a dental hygienist, who perform additional duties as a dental assistant, include examining patients for signs of oral disease, performing dental cleanings, and providing preventive dental care under the direction of a dentist.

#3. dental lab technicians

Dental lab assistants or dental technicians make dentures. These projects include crowns, bridges and dentures. There are areas in this area, namely ceramics and orthodontic appliances.

#4. Dental Surgeon (DDS)

They offer a wide range of services for patients' ongoing oral health, with a focus on stopping and preventing disease through regular checkups. In addition, general dentists treat and diagnose patients and may perform more advanced treatments such as: B. Adjustment of dentures, bridges, fillings of cavities and root canals.

#5. orthodontist

Orthodontists are experts in the position of the teeth and the alignment of the jaw. Through the use of oral appliances and strategic methods, their practices often realign and straighten teeth. Orthodontists generally practice and see younger patients because their teeth are easier to move. But adults also meet with orthodontists.

#6. of the periodontium

A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in diagnosing, preventing and treating periodontitis.

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#7. oral and maxillofacial surgeon

A maxillofacial surgeon performs surgical procedures on the jaw and mouth. Their procedures correct a patient's jaw problem or repair structural abnormalities. Some of them also specialize in reconstructive surgeries for patients who have suffered a major facial injury.

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The 15 Best Pre-Dental Schools in the USA

#1. Michigan State University (East Lansing, Michigan)

First on our list of the best pre-dental schools in the US isMichigan State Universityj. The school boasts that its pre-dental graduates have gone on to find employment in private practices, dental schools, epidemiological research laboratories and major healthcare employers.

Additionally, dental students work closely with Michigan State pre-health coaches who also connect students with key resources.

The Michigan State Predental Club notifies students of the dental school application process and strives to connect them with local dentists and peers.

Visit the school's website

#two. University of Texas at Arlington (Arlington, TX)

UTA offers two special programs for dental students. First, the six-week Texas A&M University Dental Program, which offers students the opportunity to hone their skills before applying to dental schools.

The second is the Summer Health Professions Education Program, a six-week program for freshmen and older students to learn about careers in the professions.

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#3. UCLA (Los Angeles, California)

#2 on our list of the best pre-dental schools in the US isUniversity of California at Los Angeles. The school program offers two disadvantaged and underrepresented students a year-long experience that provides them with clinical experience, volunteer work, mentoring, and research activities.

The program is specifically designed to make them competitive candidates for the UCLA School of Dentistry. According to the school, about 74% of the students who participated in the program ended up attending dental school.

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#4. Oregon State University (Corvallis, Oregon)

oregon stateis a good choice for students who want to learn more about dentistry but aren't quite ready to focus on pre-dental education.

Pre-Dental Orientation is a one-credit pass/fail course that guides students through the dental application process and the field of dentistry. Attendees also meet guest speakers.

Students can join the Oregon State Pre-Dental Club to learn about volunteer opportunities at local internships and community events, listen to guest speakers, and attend relevant dental school application meetings.

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#5. Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI)

Marquette is ranked #5 on our list of the best pre-dental schools in the United States. The school offers an accelerated program for pre-dental students with acceptance into its dental school. Students can earn their bachelor's degree in dentistry in seven years.

Marquette admits a maximum of 10 students into the Pre-Dental Scholarship Program each year, making it very competitive. Additionally, at the end of the first year, students will find out if they will be accepted into the Marquette School of Dentistry, which provides more than $10 million in funding for each class in the School of Dentistry.

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#6. Universidade Johns Hopkins (Baltimore, Maryland)

Johns Hopkins is ranked #6 on our list of the best pre-dental schools in the USA and also one of the most demanding schools on this list, with a current acceptance rate of just 9%. According to US News, the school ranks ninth among American universities.

Additionally, the dentistry program, offered by the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery at the nearby University of Maryland, provides hands-on experiences for students.

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#7. University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (La Crosse, WI)

With an acceptance rate of 81% and ranked #1 out of 34 schools in Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is a solid choice for dental students.

dr. Michael Abler is Associate Professor of Biology. He works with eligible students to join the Pre-Dental Club, whose goal is to help students with resources that will prepare them for competitive dental school applications.

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#8th. James Madison University (Harrisonburg, Virginia)

No. 8 on our list of the best mineral dentistry schools in the US is JMU. The school requires dental students to take performance reviews twice a year. Must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 or higher; Otherwise, they can be removed from the pre-dental program.

Additionally, students can join the JMU Predental Society, which is dedicated to helping students prepare for and acquire professional dentistry. Society membership requires students to participate in local community service events, monthly meetings and other local career opportunities.

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#9. Eastern University (St. Davids, Pennsylvania)

Students who want to pursue a pre-dental education and attend school in a religious community should choose Eastern University.

In addition, Eastern University suggests that dental students participate in research opportunities, participate in community projects, maintain excellent grades, shadow practicing dentists, and take required standardized tests.

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#10. Auburn University (Auburn, AL)

Recently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States, Auburn offers an ideal environment for students to enjoy a quality college experience.

Although Auburn's overall acceptance rate is 84%, enthusiastic students should know that admission to the university is highly competitive.

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#11. Texas A&M University

Texas A&M is a public university in College Station, Texas. Founded in 1876. As of fall 2020, the school has the largest student body in the United States. Additionally, the school is the only university in Texas that is designated simultaneously as a land, space and sea charter institution.

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#12. lehigh university

Lehigh University is located in the small town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The university has more than 4,000 undergraduate students and is ranked among the top 50 overall American universities. The school has a strong engineering and education program.

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#13. boston university

The university is located in Boston, Massachusetts. And the college's campus is on the Charles River, next to Fenway Park. Founded in 1839 and has over 15,000 undergraduate students.

boston universityit has top-notch programs in business, engineering, law, and education. More than 600 of its classes have fewer than 20 students.

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#14. clemson university

clemson universityranked #14 on our list of the best pre-dental schools in the United States, located in Clemson, South Carolina. The university has over 17,000 undergraduate students and ranks 21st among all public universities in the country.

Also, the students are known for their school spirit by rooting for the famous Clemson Tigers sports teams. In addition, the school offers over 350 different student clubs and over 105 different academic programs.

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#fifteen. creighton university

Creighton University is a Catholic university in Omaha, Nebraska. Founded in 1878 and has over 3,000 undergraduate students. The school has a large open campus on the outskirts of downtown Omaha.

The university has over 210 student clubs, including a very famous student media. The school also offers spiritual activities such as community service and retreats. Creighton also offers a study abroad program for students who wish to study in the Dominican Republic.

Visit the school's website

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Dentistry is a notoriously challenging course, but if you're in the right school, it will be worth it. After reading this article, I am sure that you must have a school of your choice among the top 15 US pre-dental schools listed here. In addition, students are advised to always prepare for this, remembering that there are several careers in dentistry and it is quite lucrative.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Pre-Dental Schools in the USA

What do most dental students major in?

Dental schools usually require two semesters of biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and writing in English. While some of our dental students pursue non-scientific careers, the majority choose careers in biochemistry and molecular biology.

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What do you need to be good at in high school to be successful in a dental career?

This includes chemistry, biology and physics. Also, consider taking AP (Advanced Placement) science courses as they can help you better prepare for the DAT (Dental Admission Test) and strengthen your application.

Is it difficult to study dentistry?

Dentistry is a notoriously challenging qualification that requires the development and demonstration of specialist knowledge, from terminology to procedures.

How hard is it to get into dental school?

All dental schools are really competitive and generally considered to be very difficult to get into. But if you have the right qualities and do well in the interview, it's possible.

What do dental schools look for in letters of recommendation?

A letter of recommendation from the dental school should contain the recommender's opinion of your skills, character, and suitability for the dental school.

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