Local ticket management (2023)

This means that if 10 people search for a nearby restaurant, landscaper, or car dealership, 8 customers will convert: visit, contact, or purchase the business location.

With these numbers, your business can't ignore local search or local listing management.

Local listing management (and listing management software) makes updating your listings online, like on Yelp,Company profile on Google, or Facebook, incredibly easy. Not to mention, updating your online profiles will help your business stand out.Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you're ready to use your listings and local SEO to drive more traffic, leads, and revenue for your business, this list of the best local business listing management tools will help you get started. Read on to learn more about the top five tools and how they will help you grow your business in 2020 and beyond!

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1. Moz Locations

Price: $129 to $299/year

Summary:For small, medium and large companies,moz localoffers a competitive solution for managing local listings. Manage all your listings in real-time (and in one place) and simplify social media post and review management with this feature-rich tool.

What is MozLocal?

Local ticket management (1)

Moz Local is a paid business listing management tool for businesses of all sizes.

With over 10 years of history, Moz Local is often the trusted first choice for businesses of all sizes. The platform also offers a number of features. From automatically removing duplicate listings to instantly sharing updates across all your social channels, Moz Local is worth considering.

How much does Moz Local cost?

moz localcosts $129 to $299 per year, with custom pricing for business organizations. You can choose between the basic, plus or complete package of the agency. Each contains different functions as well as directories.

When looking at Moz Local's pricing, it's important to note that pricing is per year, per location. Basic, Plus and Complete plans can cover up to 100 locations. If you operate more than 100 locations, you must request a personalized quote.

Certain features, like posting to social media and managing reviews, are only available on the Plus and Full plans. All packages come with the same 13 directories, including Google Maps, TomTom, Apple Maps, Facebook, and more.

What can you do with Moz Local?

With Moz Local, your team can perform the following tasks:

Local ticket management (2)

  • Manage location data
  • Update listings online
  • Ensure location data accuracy
  • Integrates location data with Google and Facebook
  • Receive notifications about site updates and interactions
  • eliminate duplicate entries
  • And more

If you have the Plus or Complete plan, you can also:

  • Simplify patch management
  • Post updates on social media
  • Create a store locator and landing pages for individual store locations

Please note that Moz Local requires your team to perform all of these tasks, for example, B. to reply to comments, update location data, or send social media posts. The software provides this tool to manage local entries. You must provide the knowledge unless you are working with alocal seo agency.

Why use Moz Local to manage local entries?

When it comes to Moz Local, there are many reasons to use this list management software:

  • Save time by managing your local online listings in one place
  • Maximize location data accuracy by updating all of your online listings in real time
  • Speed ​​up announcements like a sale by instantly sharing them on your social media profiles
  • Improve response times for positive and negative reviews
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks like hourly updates, social media posts and more
  • Drive higher visibility in local search results

All of these benefits can help your business not only save time, but also attract more local customers. You want this in a local listing management tool, which could make Moz Local a smart choice for your business.

Is Moz Local worth it?

If you're serious about managing your local online presence, Moz Local is worth a try.

However, depending on your business, Moz Local may not be worth the money. For example, if you're a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you can use free tools (like Buffer) to post to your social media accounts and take advantage of a cheaper software alternative for local posts.

If you plan to use Moz Local and other Moz tools like Moz Pro, it's important to mention that they require separate subscriptions. You have to pay separately for Moz Pro and Moz Local. Moz does not offer a combined discounted price for using both platforms.

2. Sim

Preis:$199 to $999/year

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Summary:Ext.offersLocal Listing Management Solutionsfor small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. The company's platform optimizes and protects site updates from unauthorized changes. Additionally, the listing management software includes performance reports for your online profiles.

What is Yext?

Yext is a paid venue listing management software that focuses on managing individual venues.

Local ticket management (3)

With Yext, your business can enhance, optimize, and secure your location listings on dozens of platforms, from Google to Bing and Facebook to Apple. In most cases, Yext can update your listings in seconds (although updates are guaranteed within five business days).

Yext also offers detailed reports and free training from a Yext expert.

How much does Yext cost?

Ext.cost $199 to $999per year, with custom pricing for more than one location.

The company offers four plans for managing a single website: Emerging, Essential, Complete, and Premium. The packages differ in the number of directory pages and functions. For example, Emerging only includes 40 directory pages, while Essential includes an additional 14 directories.

The Full and Premium plans also offer a few more features, including:

  • PowerListings+to publish products, calendars and services
  • Analystto track profile views and traffic counts.
  • review trackingto keep track of ratings and comments on listings
  • next pagesto add rich content to your website

If you decide to make Yext your list management software, be sure to review the features of each plan. That way, you can choose the best one for your business instead of deciding later if you need to upgrade or downgrade.

What can you do with Yext?

With Yext as your local listing management tool, you can take care of the following tasks:

  • Update all your local listings at once
  • Protect local entries from unauthorized changes
  • Check the status of local tickets
  • Add promotional or news links to local listings

Local ticket management (4)

If you have the Full or Premium package, you can also:

  • Visualize impressions, clicks and user interactions from local listings
  • Monitor reviews and ratings on local listings
  • Add rich content to your website
  • Upload products, services, calendars, and team bios into listings

Overall, Yext offers a decent solution for managing business listings.

While it doesn't offer all the features of Moz Local, it does cover dozens of directories. However, when comparing online listing management software, it's important to consider whether these directories are relevant to your business.

Why use Yext to manage local listings?

Using Yext to manage local listings can benefit your business in many ways, including:

  • Access a variety of directories
  • Update listing data in real time
  • Protect incoming data from unauthorized and inaccurate updates
  • Reduce time spent optimizing and updating offers
  • Monitor reviews and ratings across all directories
  • Track analytics data from one platform

Using an online listing management software like Yext will save your business time and keep your listings accurate. Maintaining accurate profiles can support your local SEO strategy, which can attract more people in your area to your business.

Yext vale a pena?

Small and medium-sized businesses looking for a reliable and detailed platform to manage local business listings may find the perfect solution with Yext. The tool covers multiple directories and protects your profiles from unauthorized updates.

If you are only concerned with updating your listings on the larger platforms like Google Maps and Apple Maps, then you may find another tool to suit your needs. So before you choose your local listing management software, you need to determine which directories are important to your business.

3. Local effects

Preis:US$ 20 a US$ 50/local

Summary:LocalFX offers a turnkey local listing management solution for small and medium-sized businesses and businesses with five or more locations. With the ability to manage up to 1,000 locations across 100 directories, businesses can use LocalFX to speed up location updates, patch management, and listing performance.

What is LocalFX?

LocalFX offers companies a complete company listing management tool.

You can use LocalFX to update your listings and track your rankings in search results, as well as manage and respond to reviews across all platforms. LocalFX also offers widgets that you can add to display your location and ratings. An analytics dashboard (complete with reports) is also available.

LocalFX bundles all of these features into your account instead of hiding them behind different packages.

How much does LocalFX cost?

LocalFX costs between $20 and $50 per site. Businesses with 1,000+ locations get custom pricing.

Unlike other online listing management platforms, LocalFX does not come with tiered packages. Their prices depend on the number of locations. For example, if you manage five locations, it costs $50 per location. By comparison, businesses with 150 locations pay $35 per location.

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This pricing model allows your company to take advantage of all the features that LocalFX offers.

What can you do with LocalFX?

With LocalFX, your team can perform many important tasks, including:

  • Access the dashboard to see the status of the listings (listed, not listed, duplicates, incorrect, etc.)
  • Update and sync entries in 100 directories
  • Receive notifications of user ratings and comments.
  • Monitor reviews on social media and review sites
  • Respond to ratings and comments
  • Check listing performance with reports
  • Add location specific widgets to websites

By offering all these features in one package, LocalFX is a complete solution for managing local listings. You do not need to purchase a more expensive package to access these features. Instead, you can access everything, even if you only operate one location.

Why use LocalFX for local listing management?

As an online list management platform, LocalFX offers several advantages, including:

  • Speed ​​up time-consuming processes like updating tickets
  • Manage entries in 100 directories
  • Improve listing accuracy across all directories
  • Receive instant notifications of user actions in real time, such as ratings
  • Monitor ratings and comments across all directories
  • Respond to ratings and comments from a single dashboard
  • Access up-to-date reports on listings and site performance
  • Share location-specific data and user ratings with widgets

The fact that one plan gives you access to all of LocalFX's features also makes the platform a competitive option for businesses. You don't need to compare different packages. Instead, you get all the features you want for all your locations.

Is LocalFX worth it?

LocalFX offers a complete local listing management solution, making it the best option.

Not only can you update all your listings on all directories, but you can also optimize them.evaluation management, create useful reports for business leaders and advertise locations on websites with attractive widgets.

While you may still want to investigate your listing management options, LocalFX is a competitive option.

4. Brilliant Local

Preis:$290 to $790/year

Summary:BrillanteLocaloffers a complete paid business listing management solution for 3 to 100 locations. The company's software allows companies to monitor and discover dating opportunities, generate listing reports, remove duplicate listings, and practice review management.

¿Es BrightLocal?

BrightLocal offers local SEO friendly online listing management software.

Local ticket management (5)

The paid platform includes a variety of features, from citation tracking to review management. Not to mention, BrightLocal also integrates with Google Business Profile and Google Analytics, which can make it easy to assess your local SEO strategy.

For companies with experience in local SEO, BrightLocal offers a decent solution.

How much does BrightLocal cost?

BrillanteLocalcosts $290 to $790 per year, where the cost depends on the number of sites.


As with other listing management software like LocalFX, your business can access all of the platform's features no matter which plan you choose. Your cost will depend on the number of your sites versus the features you want.

What can you do with BrightLocal?

With BrightLocal as your local business listing management solution, you can:

Local ticket management (6)

  • Check existing entries
  • Monitor website ranking
  • Discover duplicate entries
  • Monitoring of competitor quotes
  • Know the appointment options
  • Create custom reports on local listings
  • Show location ratings
  • Check likes, views and follower growth across all social media channels
  • Synchronize Google business profile and Google Analytics data

Overall, BrightLocal gives your business access to a number of features.

Why use BrightLocal to manage local listings?

Businesses use BrightLocal to manage local listings for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Get insights into current bid performance and optimization
  • Watchlist ranking in local search results
  • increase quotes
  • Fix duplicate entries
  • Consolidate local SEO efforts in one place
  • Create list reports quickly
  • See the impact of social media on local SEO efforts

If you want to speed up listing updates, BrightLocal does not offer this feature. Instead, BrightLocal focuses more on yourlocal seo strategyas a whole, by analyzing your approach and tracking your performance in local search results.

Is BrightLocal worth it?

Depending on your business and your investment in local SEO, BrightLocal can offer you valuable insights and dashboards. For example, you can use BrightLocalMide tu SEO local, monitor your competitors and much more.

However, if your business wants to simplify local listing management, BrightLocal may not provide you with all the tools you need. For example, with BrightLocal, your team needs to update inputs manually instead of doing it automatically like in Moz Local or LocalFX.

When researching and comparing listing management software, you need to think about what you want from a platform. Once you've determined which features are most important to you, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect program for your business.

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5. white spark

Preis:Free up to $960/year

Summary:white sparkis a free and minimalist list management software. With Whitespark, businesses can discover citations across the web (and in directories) and optimize them for local SEO. While Whitespark requires more manual labor, it offers some cost savings.

What is Whitespark?

Whitespark offers a free business listing management solution for small, medium and large businesses. Businesses can use Whitespark's free or paid plans to find and optimize business mentions.

Local ticket management (7)

Paid plans give your organization some additional tools. For example, you can use Whitespark to perform competitive analysis, export results to a .csv file, and monitor citation growth and optimization progress.

Overall, Whitespark introduces you to local listing management.

How much is Whites Park?

Whitespark is available for free, with paid plansabout $204and ends at $960 per year.

Businesses can choose from four paid plans:

  • Small business
  • specialist
  • Agency
  • Chase

Each plan includes the following features:

  • comparison tool
  • competitive analysis
  • quote tracking
  • progress tracking
  • Export to .csv

Differences between the Small Business, Specialist, Agency, and Enterprise plans include:

  • Searches per day:Depending on your plan, your team can perform between 20 and 100 searches per day for citations that mention your company. The free plan includes three surveys per day.
  • Projects:A project allows you to track location mentions in one place. Your number of projects (or locations) can range from 5 to 100 on paid plans. If you are using the free version of Whitespark, you may only have one project.
  • Search results:The number of search results generated also depends on your plan. All paid plans include unlimited search results. By comparison, the free version only returns a certain number of search results.

If you choose Whitespark, consider investing in the paid version later.

According to Whitespark, the free version "helps users who want to understand how the tool works before deciding to sign up." This is a preview, so keep that in mind when budgeting for your business listing management strategy.

What can you do with Whitespark?

With Whitespark, your team can perform a few tasks related to managing online listings:Local ticket management (8)

With the free version, your team can:

  • reveal quotes
  • Find structured citations, like in directories
  • Discover unstructured dating like on blogs

By comparison, paid plans allow your team to:

  • Compile Quotes, Structured Quotes, and Unstructured Quotes
  • Do a competitor analysis
  • Export search results to a CSV file
  • Monitor citation growth over time
  • Track List Optimization
  • take note
  • Compare different surveys and competitors
  • check quotes

Paid plans also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why use Whitespark to manage local listings?

Whitespark offers a number of benefits as a local listing management solution:

  • Get instant and free information about the status of your ad
  • Collect mentions of companies on the web
  • Compare the performance of the company with the competition.
  • Track listing performance over time

For many businesses, Whitespark doesn't offer enough benefits to justify the cost of listing management.

Whitespark vale a pena?

Compared to other business listing management solutions like LocalFX and Moz Local, Whitespark doesn't offer enough. It also requires more time from your staff. You must search and find your listings and update them manually.

While Whitespark can help you find business mentions outside of your local listings, it doesn't provide the basic services needed to manage listings online. You want a platform that can update your listings, which saves you time.

That's why Whitespark is not worth it, at least for managing local lists.

How to choose the best local listing management tool for your business

Now that you know about some of the best local listing management tools available, how can you choose the best one for your business? You can take a few different approaches when it comes to researching your options, but the following steps can help simplify the decision-making process.

1. Determine what you want to achieve

Before you start looking for local business listing management programs, you need to think.

Why do you deal with list management, for example? Do you spend too much time editing posts? Or are you struggling to find dating opportunities as part of your SEO link building strategy?

Answer these questions and you can determine what you want to achieve.

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For example, if you're concerned about finding citation options rather than making record updates simple, you might want to turn to a tool like Whitespark. By comparison, if you want to speed up your listing updates, you can choose a listing management software like LocalFX.

2. Count your locations

While you can start by exploring listing management software, it helps if you are aware of the number of locations that require online listing management. You don't want to find a program, get excited about it, and then find out that it doesn't support your number of sites.

Add up the number of locations you have and proceed to the next step to find your software.

3. Draw the desired functions

Next, you want to describe the features you want in a business listing management program.

Depending on your initial goal, you may want software that does the following:

  • Sync List Updates
  • Fix duplicate entries
  • Provide list reports

Listing the features you want can make it easier to compare programs. You won't get stuck in plan comparison charts. Instead, go through each package and verify that it meets your basic requirements.

4. Full tests and demos

Since many local business directory management programs require an annual contract, you should try them first. If you skip this step, you could end up buying a clumsy and annoyingly designed tool instead of doing what you need.

In most cases, online listing management providers offer a free trial or demo.

Use these experiences to see if the tool meets your needs. If multiple team members want to use the platform, make sure they also get a chance to test the program. You want to make sure everyone can easily use it.

After completing these steps, you can choose your tool.

Local Listing Management FAQ

Are you new to managing local listings? Search our frequently asked questions and stay up to date!

What is a local listing?

A local listing, also known as a local business listing, is an online listing that contains:

  • Name
  • phone number

These online listings may appear on sites dedicated to local listings.

Local ticket management (9)

Some examples are Yelp, Google Business Profile, Facebook, and more. Local business listings may include more than just your name, address, and phone number. You can also highlight your opening hours, services, products, and more.

What does a local listing include?

A local listing should include your NAP: business name, address, and phone number. If you have multiple locations, your address and phone number will vary by location. However, it is important that your company guarantees the veracity of this information.

Most local listings, such as Google and Facebook Business Profile, may include additional details such as:

  • Standard
  • services or products
  • next events
  • evaluations
  • And more

These additional features can complicate local listing management, which is why many businesses use listing management software. Even if they only have one location, businesses will make their lives easier with platforms like Moz Local and LocalFX.

Why is a local list (and maintaining local lists) important?

Having a local list and managing local lists is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • People trust local listings to search and compare businesses
  • Users use local listings to get addresses and directions to businesses.
  • Search engines query and use local listings when compiling search results.

if you know your waylocal SEO, the final reason why local records management issues may come to your attention. Your search rankings depend on more than just your on-page optimizations. They also rely on your off-page settings, which may include setting up and managing local listings.

Leaving your local listings unmanaged and inaccurate could result in less online exposure for your business. People won't find your business, which can result in fewer calls, store visits, and online transactions.Converts 80% of local searches.

Local listings play a big role in your success, so it's important to continually maintain them.

Try our favorite online list management tool for free!

Ready to find out which online listing management tool is best for your business?

Start with our favourite:local effects- free. Just enter your company details and we'll take care of the rest. The best part? We don't require any payment information, which means you'll get your results faster and without the hassle of typing your credit card information into your inbox.

Try LocalFX now! If you would like to speak with a local SEO expert,Contact us onlineor call888-601-5359!

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