List of universities or colleges in Canada accepting WASSCE (WAEC) scores (2023)

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One of the problems faced by students from Africa when trying to apply to a foreign school in Europe or North America is the use of high school results. Some foreign universities do not accept the high school diploma from African countries, probably because they believe that it does not correspond to the standard of their education. They then have interested applicants write standard university exams before they can process their application for admission.

If you are a student from Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Gambia interested in studying in Canada, you can do so with the West African Higher School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) result as it is the same standard as the British has . Education.

If you have a WAEC score and are interested in applying to universities or colleges for first-year admission in Canada, below are some universities that will accept your score.


  • 1 University of Winnipeg
  • 2 University of Toronto
  • 3 University of Trento
  • 4 University of Manitoba
  • 5 University of York
  • 6 University of Prince Edward Island
  • 7 Memory University
  • 8 University of Waterloo
  • 9 Regina University
  • 10 Dalhousie University

University of Winnipeg

List of universities or colleges in Canada accepting WASSCE (WAEC) scores (1)
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The University of Winnipeg is popularly regarded as Canada's cultural cradle. More than 600 international students from more than 68 countries attend this university.

Students who achieve WAEC scores can apply to study at this university. You need to send them the copy of the certificate result and the scratch card with the serial number and PIN for online registration.

The English test is also not required for students from Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia and Sierra Leone. Click this link to start your application:

University of Toronto

Another university that accepts the WAEC score is the U of T, one of the top universities in Canada and the world. Students who have passed the WAEC exams can apply for admission to the university. Based on your WASSCE score, your application may be considered, but you may not be accepted as it is a highly competitive university. So, competing documents like good high school results, etc. can help your app stand out. Here is the link to start your application process:

University of Trento

Trent University is one of Canada's top universities. It was Ontario's first undergraduate university for three consecutive years and first for overall quality. It has been ranked in the top 5 universities in Canada for 18 consecutive years and is ranked number one in Canada for scholarships and awards.

About 90% of graduates find employment within six months of graduation. The university has also produced two Nobel Prize winners; James Orbinkski was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with Doctors Without Borders and Professor Chris Furgal, co-recipient of the Nobel Prize for raising awareness of global climate change.

Trent University accepts the Certificate of Completion of High School offered by WAEC. However, you must have a minimum grade of B3 for your application to be considered. You will also need your transcript for series 10, 11 and 12 (SHS1-3/4).

Depending on the university, they can change these admission requirements without prior notice; It is therefore best to contact your school's admissions officer if you wish to apply. Click this link to visit the international students page:

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University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba is located in Fort Garry, south of Winnipeg. It is the first university in western Canada, founded in 1877. It is a research-intensive institution that also hosts international students.

Students from Nigeria and Ghana can apply for admission to this university with the WASSCE result. However, you must meet the English proficiency requirements for your application to be considered, namely TOEFL, IELTS Cambridge Assessment English, CAEL, Pearson Test of English AND IAEP.

I am not sure if students from Liberia, Sierra Leone or Gambia can apply as the university did not list these countries on the international student admissions page. However, you can contact the admissions office at for more information on the application process for countries not listed on their page. If you would like to start your application process please follow this link:

List of universities or colleges in Canada accepting WASSCE (WAEC) scores (2)

York University

York University is the third largest university in Canada. It is one of the best universities that offers students everything they need for academic excellence.

The university accepts WAEC scores, but you must have IELTS Academic or TOEFLas as proof of English proficiency. They do not accept the general IELTS test results as proof of English proficiency.

York University warned its applicants in advance that meeting the minimum requirements or applying by the deadline does not guarantee admission as it is a highly selective school. They only grant admission to the most qualified applicants.

About York University

University of Prince Edward Island

UPEI is another university to consider as it has a growing reputation for innovation and research. It has everything a student needs for academic excellence, including student-teacher interaction.

UPEI is open to international students. As of 2016, they had foreign students from around 70 countries. Fortunately, the university includes the use of WAEC scores as one of the admissions requirements for prospective international students from West Africa.

Requires students to have taken at least four courses related to their high school program of interest. If you do not have your WAEC score, you have the alternative of submitting your transcripts for grades 10-12.

memorial university

Memorial University is well known for its research, especially in the ocean as more than 40% of its research is related to the ocean. This has secured them a place among Canada's top 20 research universities. They have also won many awards such as the UN Climate Solution Award, the Governor General's Innovation Award, etc.

In addition to research, it has much more to offer its national and international students. This includes multiple courses of study and advanced technologies to ensure students enjoy the learning environment.

The university accepts WAEC results but requires subjects such as English, mathematics, laboratory science (physics, chemistry or biology), social studies or modern/classical language and electives. In the departments you must have at least C6.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo was ranked number one comprehensive research university by the Source Survey for 11 consecutive years in 2018 and named Canada's Most Innovative University for 27 years by Maclean's magazine. It is also the number one student employer organization in the world according to the 2019 QS Graduate Employability Ranking.


The University of Waterloo is located in the technology heart of Canada. They are known for innovation and transformative research, making them one of the best places to earn a college degree.

The University accepts the West African Higher School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) result, but each program requires different specifications. For example, if you want to study one of the economics courses, you need at least B2 in mathematics and English.

University of Regina

The University of Regina was founded in 1974 and was one of the 200 best young universities in 2017. It is known for financially supporting students with scholarships and grants while its tuition fees remain below average compared to other universities.

The university accepts WAEC scores, but WAEC must send the scores directly to them, or you can purchase a WAEC scratch card and send the following information:

  • exam number
  • exam year
  • Kind of exam
  • Card serial number
  • PIN Number

For English proficiency you do not need to prove TOEFL or IELTS if you have C6 or higher in your WAEC English.;

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University was founded in 1818. It is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The university promises its students classroom innovation and interactive learning. They also welcome international applicants as they believe multiple perspectives empower them.

As part of the admissions requirements for Nigeria, Ghana and other West African countries, they accept WAEC scores. However, they do not accept your English WAEC scores as proof of your English proficiency. So you have to pass one of their standardized tests like TOEFL, IELTS and others.

Other universities in Canada that accept WAEC scores are: Kings University College, University of Brandon and University of Alberta.


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