Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (2023)

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (1)

How do you like to spend your time after school? Did you know that how you spend that time could be one of the most important ways you shape your future?

Extracurricular activities are an important part of your college application, and you need to impress colleges with your interests.But you may not know what good extracurricular activities look like or what you should spend your time on.

We've got you covered with hundreds of examples of extracurricular activities right here in our guide. Read on for inspiration on how to spend your precious free time during high school!

What is an extracurricular activity?

Aextracurricular activitiesit can be almost anything that is not required for high school credits or gainful employment you had during your high school years. These activities will become very important later, such as when you apply to college, as they will help you develop your talents, interests, and passions. They can also teach practical skills like time management.

With so many options, every student should be able to find an extracurricular area that interests and is passionate about!

Remember extracurricular activitiesdoes not need to be sponsored by your school,Therefore, you should also consider the things you do with your family or in your community.

Below I have listed many popular activities that you may not have considered extracurricular activities. Take a look at the list and see if your activities are already listed or if you see something you didn't think of before.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, as you can turn almost any interest into an extracurricular interest. If you are actively involved in something that you don't see here, that is, you spend a significant amount of time on an activity that allows you to develop a talent or interest, be a leader, or serve your community, then you need to make sure that you consider it an activity. extracurricular too!

What doesn't necessarily count as extracurricular?Any interest of yours that is too self-centered is unlikely to work.

An extracurricular activity must be an activity that demonstrates a talent or primarily adds value to other people.When you really have to try your hardest to justify something being extracurricular(My driver's license will make the streets safer for everyone! Keeping my shots up to date helps immunocompromised people!),so it probably doesn't count as extracurricular.

However, there is a spectrum here - for exampleImproving the quality of your hairor braiding hair for fun isn't really extracurricular. But starting a YouTube channel on beauty tips or starting a club for teen health enthusiasts will definitely do the trick.

But if you're still not sure if something qualifies as extracurricular or if you need some inspiration, read on for our full list of extracurricular activities.

How should you use this list of extracurricular activities?

Not sure how to use this list of extracurricular activities? Just follow the six steps outlined in this section and you'll be well on your way to choosing the best after-school deal for you!

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (2)

Step 1: Brainstorm extracurricular ideas

What are your interests? Have you always wanted to try something related to art but weren't sure if it would be worth it or if the college admissions team would vote you up? Keep in mind that universities don't really careEraType of activity you are doing: this is what they want to seeyou are doing something you are passionate about.So make a list of all your interests, both the things that interest you already and other areas that intrigue you and want to learn more about.

Step 2: Find out what extracurricular activities suit your interests

Check out the list below and see if any of the activities match your interests.You may see some opportunities you hadn't thought of before pursuing an interest! Keep in mind that there can be many different outlets for every interest you have. For example, if you want to play an instrument, you could take private lessons, play in your school's marching band, play in a community marching band, or work as part of the orchestra for your school's upcoming musical.

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Step 3: Research different after-school options

Find out if these activities are available in your school or community.If there's something you're passionate about that isn't offered yet, consider starting your own group. But if you're not sure if the interest will persist and you just want to give it a try, it's probably best to find another outlet for your curiosity.

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (3)

Step 4: Participate in some activities

The next step isStart doing activities!But how many should you do? If you are a newbie, I recommend trying a few different activities, up to ten if there are many that interest you. The idea at this stage isExperience a variety of extracurricular activities..Once you start to get a sense of which activities will really help you develop the interests that matter most to you, you can spend more time on those and set aside the others.

Step 5: Limit your extracurricular activities

If you're a sophomore, junior, or senior, we hope you already have an idea of ​​what kinds of activities you'd like to focus on.Make a list of the top five activities that interest you.If you have time to try all five, do it. This gives you a little time to experiment and see what is most interesting. If you don't have time, try cutting down on your five or three most important activities.

Step 6: Increase your impact with some activities

Remember not to spread it too thin.,especially if you are a freshman. It is more important to spend a lot of time on each activity than to have a long list of activities.Choose activities that allow you to have a significant impact, either in your own development or in the community.

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (4)

List of extracurricular activities by category

This list is divided into categories to make it easy for you to find an activity that suits your interests.However, we recommend looking at at least all of the extracurricular options listed below,even if you think that there are categories that do not interest you. You never know what might catch your eye!

Note: Not all schools offer formal clubs in all of these categories. If you see something that interests you that your school doesn't offer, try joining a community group or even a national or online group to explore the interest further. Many of these topics are also available as summer camp activities.

You might also consider starting a club at your school if you're looking for an opportunity to get involved in something you enjoy, showing leadership and initiative.


These activities are based on a specific academic theme and include both clubs (groups to discuss and practice specific topics) and competitive teams. Academic teams have competitions that are held at all levels, from local to national.


Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (5)

Academic competition teams.

  • Academic Decathlon
  • academic triathlon
  • American math contests
  • Mathematics League of American Regions
  • Caribou Math Contest
  • Chemistry Olympiad
  • clean tech competition
  • Poetry Contest for Creative Communication
  • EcoNetwork
  • educators stand up
  • FIRST robotics contest
  • Highschool-Innovationsherausforderung
  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
  • Philosophical slam for children
  • math league
  • National Academic Quiz Tournament
  • French National Competition
  • national history bee
  • national spelling bee
  • odyssey of the mind
  • high poetry
  • unlimited questions
  • bowl of questions
  • science bowl
  • Science Olympiad
  • Other quiz teams


These activities allow you to express yourself artistically: on paper, through a lens, on stage, and in a variety of other media. Let your creativity take over your mind and body!

  • Animation
  • Anime/Manga-Club
  • art Club
  • Art: drawing, painting
  • smithy
  • Cartoon
  • ceramics
  • acting club
  • mode design
  • graphic design
  • jewelry making
  • Photo
  • Sculpture
  • Sew
  • High School Theater Program
  • community theater program
  • game developers club
  • Sewing
  • carpentry

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (6)

culture and language

These activities can help you reconnect with your roots or allow you to experience the diversity of the world without ever leaving your home. There are many other cultural and linguistic activities in which you can participate. Some of the most common are listed below.

  • African American Student Clubs/Alliances
  • american sign language club
  • chinese club
  • french club
  • german club
  • International Food Club
  • club latino
  • Pacific Islander Association
  • russian club
  • South Asian Students' Society
  • spanish club

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (7)


These activities allow you to get involved in your community.

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (8)


Are you interested in making a difference in your school, community, or on a larger scale through politics? Try a government-related activity to see if that might be of professional interest to you.

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  • Parish Youth Committee
  • Student council
  • student management
  • community government

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (9)


These activities may be right for you if you are a natural leader who has the ability to motivate, guide, and inspire others.


If you enjoy writing and communicating, consider participating in a media activity to bring news and information to your school or community.

  • School or local magazine/newspaper
  • school or local newspaper
  • school or local radio station
  • school or local TV station
  • school or local website
  • I'm working on a movie
  • Yearbook Committee

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (10)


If you are interested in learning about discipline, teamwork, and leadership, you may be interested in a military extracurricular activity.

  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Junior ROTC

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (11)


If you want to try playing an instrument or singing, there are many ways to try music-related activities. They are generally available both in the school community and in the community at large.

  • Any club interested in music.
  • School Choir/Choir
  • Community Choir/Choir
  • Kirchenchor/Chor
  • chamber music group
  • concert band
  • sets
  • singing lessons
  • martial band
  • jazz band
  • orchestra
  • music alone
  • your own band
  • Tri-M Musical Honor Society

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (12)

performance art

Do you like to spoil everything? You'll discover that, both at your school and in your community, there are many ways to get on stage and make your audience laugh and cry.

  • comedy club
  • choreography
  • classic movie club
  • Dance
  • film production association
  • International Theater Society
  • facial expressions
  • puppet show
  • slam poetry club
  • High School Theater Group
  • Community Theater Group

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (13)


You can usually find these groups in your community.


Did you know that your love of fantasy can also be an after-school activity? Membership in one of these groups can show a dedication to many different creative skills.

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (14)

social activism

These groups may have divisions at your school or in your community. If there is a cause close to your heart, contact the local group that supports it.

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (15)

special interest

You will often find these groups at your school or supported by the community. If you have a particular interest in something that you can't find a local group for, consider starting one or joining a national group. You can communicate online with other like-minded people and attend meetups throughout the year.

  • to explore
  • chess Club
  • equestrian club
  • entrepreneurs club
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
  • Girl Scouts
  • horticultural association
  • model railways
  • Quiltherstellung

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (16)

speech and political interests

If you have a knack for spotting logical flaws and destroying opponents' arguments, try one of these clubs. Many schools sponsor these groups and some of them are competitive locally and nationally.

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Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (17)

Sports and Recreation

You're probably already familiar with your school's sports teams, but there are plenty of ways to get involved outside of them, too. Try extracurricular sports, join a club league in your community, or consider coaching a youth team.

  • baseball and softball
  • swing basket
  • bodybuilding
  • animator
  • climbing club
  • go ride a bike
  • Dance group
  • fencing
  • soccer
  • Gulf
  • physical fitness
  • hiking club
  • eishockey
  • indoor sports
  • Lacrosse
  • Martial Arts
  • Club de ping-pong
  • quidditch clubs
  • Skate Club
  • Skiing
  • soccer
  • The bath
  • tennis
  • athletics
  • Ultimativer Frisbee-Club
  • Volleyball
  • water polo
  • yoga club

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (18)


The love of technology can take you far. If you have deep knowledge in a specific field, try to share it with the online community. The advantage of these activities is that anyone with an internet connection can do them - no school sponsored club required!

  • the blog
  • personal website
  • social media
  • canal de youtube

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (19)


There are many ways to make a difference in your community. Look forvolunteer groupsat your school, at your church, or anywhere else in your neighborhood. There are many websites likevoluntary gamewho can help you find a local nonprofit project that interests you.

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (20)

Last word

If none of the above activities work for you, you're still in luck. Because? you always cancreate your ownextracurricular activities!

you knew about thatCan almost any hobby be turned into an extracurricular activity?

Starting a business or website, volunteering, or an unusual hobby can become something to write about in college. And if you're unique enough not to be on this list, rest assured, you'll be something new to the college admissions board, too.

Most importantly, it is an outlet for your passion, creativity, and leadership.

Instead of thinking you're not doing anything interesting, take the time to find a new passion or turn something you already love into an activity you can share with the world.

If you think we left something out and would like to add something to this list,leave a comment below.

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (21)

What's next?

Now that you know what extracurricular activities are like,read abouthow to write about extracurricular activities on your college application

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Do you want your extracurricular activities to really get noticed?Consult our guideThree amazing extracurricular examples sure to impress colleges.

Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (22)

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Complete list of extracurricular activities: hundreds of examples (23)

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