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In vitro fertilization, commonly known as IVF, is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) in which eggs and sperm are fertilized in a laboratory and the resulting embryos are transferred to the mother's uterus. If the embryo successfully implants in the uterus, it will result in pregnancy. Since IVF is an expensive and complicated treatment, many patients travel abroad to get it at a more affordable price.

In this article, we list the factors that affect the cost of IVF and describe the countries that offer the most affordable and competitive healthcare.

Best countries for IVF abroad: where is the cheapest? - Raadina Zdravlje (2)

IVF costs by country

IVF treatment includes sperm and egg retrieval, genetic testing, laparoscopy, laboratory fertilization, embryo transfer and more, all of which make this treatment so expensive that many couples cannot afford it. Also in many countries, insurance schemes do not cover IVF treatment and patients have to pay for it themselves. Therefore, infertile couples who wish to have a child can undergo IVF treatment at a more affordable overall cost than in their own country.

Of the European countries, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Spain and the Czech Republic have the best IVF prices and high quality healthcare. Read on to learn more about the cost of assisted reproduction in these countries and compare it to the cheapest country for IVF, namely Iran.

Greek test tube baby

Greece is one of the cheapest European countries for IVF. In our country, each IVF cycle costs between 3,000 and 3,5000 euros, but if you have to use donor eggs, that number can exceed 5,000 euros. In addition, Greece has well-trained fertility specialists, well-equipped fertility clinics and short waiting lists for donor eggs and sperm.

Turkish IVF

Apart from certified doctors and experienced embryologists, there are many fertility hospitals and laboratories in Turkey where couples of all ages can get IVF treatment at reasonable prices. The price for IVF in Turkey starts from 1,700 EUR per cycle.

Danish IVF

Denmark has the largest egg and sperm bank with the shortest waiting lists. Despite the high frequency of pregnancies achieved through assisted fertilization (10%), the price of IVF in the country is very reasonable. The usual costs of IVF in Denmark are EUR 3,500 per cycle, but if you use donated eggs or sperm, it costs 5,000 to 6,000 EUR.

Spanish IVF

Spain is the safest European country for IVF because several laws and regulations guarantee the safety of the procedure. Furthermore, the success rate of IVF with donor eggs in our country is higher than the European average. But the prices of assisted fertilization in Spain are slightly higher than in other countries and vary from 3,500 to 4,000 euros for normal IVF.

Czech IVF

In relation to the number of inhabitants, the Czech Republic has many clinics dedicated to the treatment of infertility. In contrast to other countries, women over the age of 45 can also use health services in this country. The price of IVF in the Czech Republic is relatively low, between 2,500 and 4,000 euros.

Best countries for IVF abroad: where is the cheapest? - Raadina Zdravlje (3)

Iran IVF

If you want fertility treatment at a lower price, Iran is the best choice for you. In fact, Iran is a major center for IVF because it has numerous high-standard and modern hospitals, specialist doctors and many regulations to ensure patient safety. Iran also has some of the best clinics where women under 50 and men of all ages can benefit from IVF treatment. Iran is also a very popular destination for those in need of egg/sperm donation due to the short waiting lists and high quality gametes available in the country's fertility clinics and hospitals.

IVF i Iran

Where is the cheapest country for IVF?

The total cost of IVF depends on the number of repetitions, medications, medical tests and examinations, doctor and embryologist fees and hospital fees. Fortunately, IVF prices in Iran are among the lowest in the world, as medical services and daily costs in the country are very low. Generally, the cost of IVF in Iran starts at $1,200 per cycle, but this number can increase to $2,500 if additional tests and examinations are required.

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Best countries for IVF abroad: where is the cheapest? - Raadina Zdravlje (4)

Factors affecting the cost of IVF in Iran

In Iran, the following factors affect the price per IVF cycle:

  • Contact a fertility specialist and embryologist:almost 10% of the total cost
  • Basic IVF treatment, including doctor and embryologist expenses, hospital expenses, ultrasound examination, anaesthesia, egg retrieval, sperm analysis and embryo transfer:80% of the total price
  • Hormonal drugs:10% of the total price. It is important to note that the amount and price of hormonal drugs needed for each cycle depends on your age, the duration of infertility and the condition of the uterus and endometrium. Therefore, the younger and healthier you are, the lower the cost of IVF.

In addition, additional steps such as embryo freezing, immunological tests, PGT and PGD and other genetic tests may be required, which can add up to 50% to the cost of IVF in Iran.

Do Muslim countries allow test tube babies?

Islam permits and encourages the treatment of infertility through assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination. Since Iran is an Islamic country, the IVF process is much easier for people of the same faith as they meet the religious requirements for this treatment, especially if the couple needs to use a donor egg, donor sperm or surrogacy method.

It is important to mention that Iran is the only Muslim country in the Middle East where donor gametes and embryos are widely used for in vitro fertilization. So if you are a Muslim and concerned about religious laws interfering with your treatment, Iran is the perfect choice for you.

Best countries for IVF abroad: where is the cheapest? - Raadina Zdravlje (5)

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Which country has the cheapest IVF treatment in the world? ›

Fortunately, Iran has the lowest IVF price in the world, as healthcare services and daily expenses are very low in this country. In general, the cost of IVF in Iran starts from $1.200 per cycle, but this number may increase to $2.500 if additional tests and examinations are required.

Which country has best IVF success rates? ›

Turkey. Known for its thriving medical tourism in general, Turkey also draws in many patients as one of the best countries for IVF treatment.

How much does IVF cost in Cuba? ›

These are procedures known as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), very expensive: each treatment costs around 4,000 dollars, just for expendable material, culture media, reagents and medicines. However, the total cost can reach $13,000 or more, depending on how many times it needs to be repeated.

Is IVF cheaper in Greece? ›

The IVF process with own eggs costs in Greece as low as 3,000-3,500 EUR. Using donated eggs is more expensive, around 5,000-6,000 EUR. But still, the egg donation cost in Greece is very attractive when compared to the respective costs of other countries.


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